Sen. Dave Schatz’s Weekly Column for April 7

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Voting is one of the most important things we do as citizens. I would encourage all of my constituents to register to vote, get informed on issues and elections, and show up on Election Day. When you cast your ballot, it is your chance to voice your opinion for the direction of all levels of government. This year is particularly important as our nation will elect a new president and our state will have elections for the offices of U.S Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Treasurer.

To be eligible to vote in the August 2 state primary you must register by July 6. To vote in the November 8 general election you must be registered to vote by October 12.

For more information about voting in Missouri visit The website has resources for:

  • Voter registration;
  • Contacting your local election authority;
  • Finding your voting location;
  • Requesting an absentee ballot; and more.

For any questions regarding elections in Missouri, contact the secretary of state’s office toll free by calling (800) 669-8683. Any other questions about the office should be directed to (573) 751-4936.

Active duty military members should:

  • Use to register to vote and request and receive their absentee ballots. The portal’s resources are open to any Missourian who is eligible to vote and residing overseas, including families of active duty service members, members of the Peace Corps and faith-based charity workers.

040716The integrity of elections is also of critical importance. As I have written here before, I fully support photo ID for our polling places and the vast majority of votes in our district agree. This graphic from last summer’s district survey shows that ¾ of respondents support photo ID and I am hopeful that the legislature will adopt photo ID and send the issue to the voters for enshrinement in our state constitution.

Thank you for reading this weekly column. Please contact my office at (573) 751-3678 if you have any questions.