Study Commission on State Tax Policy


Randy Hilger, Chairman Daniel J. White, Vice-Chairman


• Tres. Clint Zwiefel • Dan Haug
• Amy Blouin • Jeanette Mott-Oxford
• Conrad Lamb • Sara Neill
• Nick Myers • Jim Strubberg
• Cindy Stein • Vacant
• Vacant


Established Pursuant to HB 384, 2015.

Comparative 2015 State Tax Revenue Data
Comparative State Tax Collection Data – 2014 to 2015
MDOR Collections and Operational Statistics
MDOR Delivery Charge Notification
MDOR Letter Rulings and Regulations
Missouri Per Capita Tax Burden – Census Bureau Report
State Tax Revenue and Burden Anaylsis 2015
Total State and Local Business Taxes – October 2015
Tax Policy Handbook for State Legislators
Tax Policy Initial Data

Income Tax Work Group

Missouri Constitution

Missouri Tax Statutes

Sales and Use Tax Work Group

Study Commission Administrative Documents

Tax Administration Work Group