Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Scott

SB 0955 - Modifies process for selecting leadership positions on the Highways and Transportation Commission
SB 0956 - Allows persons operating animal driven vehicles to use lanterns and reflective material during nighttime hours
SB 0957 - Modifies seat belt evidence rule and modifies sovereign immunity principles with respect to public employees
SB 0958 - Allows the Transportation Commission to construct toll roads
SB 1063 - Allows adjacent property owners to become part of a transportation development district under certain conditions
SB 1064 - Eliminates the expiration date of Section 488.2205, which allows for collection and distribution of some court costs
SB 1094 - Enacts various tort reform measures
SB 1130 - Regional Planning Commission employees may enroll in Missouri Local Government Retirement System in some cases
SB 1157 - Changes the name of residential care facilities to assisted living facilities
SB 1189 - Modifies various provisions dealing with the reporting and investigating of an individual's death
SB 1250 - Modifies sections of law affecting the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council
SB 1258 - Creates the crime of kidnapping a child by taking or confining the child without parental consent
SB 1264 - Modifies the laws governing the condemnation of real property by the state or any political subdivision thereof
SB 1318 - Adds rental contracts to stealing
SB 1383 - Allows motor carriers to submit to voluntary audits and prohibits local enforcement of commercial motor vehicle laws
SB 1384 - Allows certain retirees to receive unused sick leave to vest in a retirement system
SB 1385 - Places an annual one dollar disaster mitigation fee on most residential and business insurance policies within the state
SB 1386 - Modifies provisions of lobbyist reporting and campaign finance disclosure
SJR 037 - Eliminates nonhighway agencies from receiving highway revenues over a five year period
SJR 038 - Amends the Constitution to allow the commission to design, acquire, construct, maintain, and operate toll facilities
HB 0994 - Extends the expiration date and expands breadth of criminal case surcharge in the 30th Judicial Circuit
HB 1070 - School districts may adopt emergency preparedness plans in order to use school resources during natural disasters
HB 1150 - Modifies numerous provisions regarding the Missouri Ethics Commission and campaign finance disclosure
HB 1304 - Enacts various measures relating to claims for damages
HB 1305 - Modifies the law regarding medical malpractice insurance regarding the setting of rates, cancellation of policies etc
HB 1440 - Modifies the Transportation and Highway Patrol Retirement System and rights of Regional Planning Commission employees
HB 1487 - Revises the crime of kidnapping by including kidnapping of a child under fourteen years of age
HB 1665 - Provides for investor protection in variable annuities

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