Senator Steelman
Bills Sponsored

SB 0684 - Modifies the reporting of elder abuse and neglect and the provision of in-home services to the elderly
SB 0685 - Revises the Sunshine Law
SB 0686 - Prohibits sealing of civil court records, with limited exceptions
SB 0733 - Exempts from state and local sales taxes all sales to athletic events and dues for health and fitness centers
SB 0734 - Creates a tax credit for 25% of the unreimbursed cost of health insurance premiums paid by individuals
SB 0735 - Creates a tax credit for contributions to scholarship charities
SB 0765 - Establishes a School Building Construction and Renovation Fund
SB 0766 - Regulates inaugural and congressional reapportionment committees and provisions of campaign finance disclosure law
SB 0767 - University of Missouri-Rolla may sponsor charter schools
SB 0783 - Requires school districts to provide phonics instruction
SB 0879 - Removes the religious and medical exemption limitations from childhood vaccination requirements
SB 0880 - Creates Missouri Engineering and Science Academy and summer program for science teachers at UMR
SB 0881 - Creates the Environmental Hearing Commission
SB 0975 - Creates a sales tax holiday for school supplies, clothing and computers for nine days in August
SB 0976 - Requires one member of the state board of health to be a chiropractor
SB 0984 - Revises various provisions relating to the Department of Natural Resources
SB 0985 - Relates to bond authorization for water, sewer and stormwater projects
SB 0986 - Allows the Missouri Commission for the Deaf to pay interpreter certification evaluators for their services
SB 1003 - Requires ambulance service owners to carry liability insurance to cover negligent care by their employees
SB 1013 - Allows for transfers of generation of electrical corporations to an affiliated party
SB 1054 - Relates to common sewer districts and sanitary sewer improvement subdistricts
SB 1098 - Allows personal assistive mobility devises to be operated on streets, highways, sidewalks and bicycle paths
SB 1110 - Requires landlords to permit equal access for telecommunica- tions and cable providers in certain circumstances
SB 1125 - Prohibits health carriers from changing health services codes without the permission of the physician
SB 1156 - Requires insurers to provide coverage for hearing aids for individuals age 65 and older and children
SB 1163 - Clarifies provisions in the air emissions banking and trading program
SB 1174 - Allows consumers with at least 50 employers to file a rate complaint with the Public Service Commission
SB 1184 - Requires further accountability of first responders and emergency medical technicians
SB 1195 - Allows counties to create a County Crime Reduction Fund for narcotics investigation and law enforcement equipment
SB 1240 - Requires the division of medical services to annually recalculate the Medicaid nursing home reimbursement amount
SB 1254 - Creates enterprise zones in certain locations
SB 1255 - Revises process for addressing issues in public construction contracts
SB 1256 - Teacher education students employed for at least 2 years as teacher assistants may bypass student teaching requirement
SCR 055 - Proclaims the city of Cuba as "Route 66 City of Murals"
SCR 057 - Establishes the Joint Legislative Committee on Utility Regulation and Infrastructure Investment
SCR 059 - Urges Major League Baseball & its Players to address serious problems existing within professional baseball
SR 0908 - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 93
HB 1032 - Requires one member of the State Board of Health to be a chiropractor
HB 1402 - Modifies provisions relating to utility projects
HB 1489 - Creates the County Crime Reduction Fund, Missouri Sheriffs' Methamphetamine Relief Team, & a St. Louis City Sheriff Fund
HB 1650 - Modifies various provisions regarding water resources
HB 1748 - Revises various provisions relating to water resources
HCR 003 - Authorizes the Governor to approve a land annexation for the city of Licking

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