Local Government & Economic Development
Assigned Bills

HB 1041 - (Myers) Makes various revisions to tourism taxes and tax levies in various cities and counties
HB 1078 - (Whorton) Authorizes sales tax for regional jail districts and associated court facilities
HB 1148 - (Ross) Religious cemeteries may establish scatter gardens in cemetery for scattering of human cremains
HB 1194 - (Gambaro) Allows St. Louis City to have a lien on property for abatement of dangerous buildings
HB 1350 - (Liese) Modifies board of directors for community improvement districts
HB 1432 - (Foley) Modifies laws relating to emergency services
HB 1580 - (Barnett) Revises statute concerning county boards of equalization
HB 1627 - (Kreider) Authorizes third classification counties to adopt building regulations
HB 1634 - (Hoppe) Allows requisition of additional funds by land trusts if insufficient funds exist to pay expenses
HB 1692 - (Overschmidt) Extends business hours for qualified resorts in Miller, Morgan, and Camden counties to sell liquor by the drink
HB 1773 - (Shelton (057)) Modifies the compensation, vacation, and holidays of members of the City of St. Louis Police Department
HB 1795 - (Berkowitz) Authorizes conveyances of certain state property to private ownership
HB 1811 - (Gambaro) Authorizes various conveyances of property
HB 1839 - (Seigfreid) Modifies procedure for dissolution of special road districts
HB 1846 - (Scott) Alters the dates on which boards of trustees of towns and villages must publish financial statements
HB 1849 - (Barnitz) Authorizes conveyance of state property to the Crawford County Commission
HB 1851 - (Curls) Revises the composition and selection of the Kansas City housing commissioners
HB 1861 - (Burcham) Authorizes a conveyance of state property to the Habitat for Humanity of St. Francois County
HB 1982 - (Richardson) Revises travel expense guidelines for certain county assessors
HB 2002 - (Farnen) Revises provisions concerning coroner's inquests
HB 2018 - (Bartle) Requires county clerk of Jackson County to forward tax books for school districts by June 15
HB 2039 - (Kreider) Allows counties, cities, or villages to designate memorial highways for law enforcement officers killed in line of duty
HB 2064 - (Walton) Changes requirements for sheriff's deeds given under the Municipal Land Reutilization Law
HB 2130 - (Boykins) Clarifies the deadline for personal property tax returns property listings.
HB 2137 - (Crump) Increases compensation for county treasurers
SB 0636 Wiggins - Repeals expiration of K.C. mass transportation sales tax
SB 0645 Mathewson - Authorizes Caldwell, DeKalb and Daviess counties to impose a voter approved sales tax to fund jail districts
SB 0669 Bentley - Authorizes removal of property from the Springfield Community Improvement District
SB 0682 Stoll - Authorizes nuisance abatement in Jefferson County
SB 0683 Stoll - Authorizes Festus to impose a hotel-motel sales tax for promotion of tourism
SB 0711 Goode - Gives the power of eminent domain to towns and villages
SB 0725 Childers - Requires Transportation Commission to issue permits in order to erect structures which might impede airplane safety
SB 0744 Caskey - Allow Cass County to elect a county surveyor
SB 0761 Yeckel - Requires counties to pay PILOTS for certain county-purchased property
SB 0768 Wiggins - Authorizes the conveyance of certain state property to the Children's Mercy Hospital
SB 0795 Schneider - Creates Emergency Communications Systems Fund for use of counties and allows certain board to set and collect fees
SB 0797 Westfall - Allows municipalities in certain counties to use condem- nation in order to construct or acquire natural gas service
SB 0804 DePasco - Authorizes Governor to convey 12 property interests held by the Department of Mental Health to Kansas City
SB 0805 DePasco - Extends the commercial zone around Kansas City from 12 to 15 miles
SB 0806 Caskey - A portion of property tax collections shall be used for a geographic information system (GIS)
SB 0856 Russell - Authorizes a new enterprise zone for Wright County and for the city of Carl Junction in Jasper County
SB 0869 Cauthorn - Removes ability of Marion Co. circuit clerk to appoint Divi- sion I circuit clerk if office is separated from recorder
SB 0885 Bentley - Allows satellite economic development zones in Springfield
SB 0887 Sims - Requires municipalities to provide additional notice about industrial development projects
SB 0912 Mathewson - Extends business hours for qualified resorts in Miller, Morgan and Camden counties to sell liquor by the drink
SB 0987 Childers - Authorizes all political subdivisions in this state to create geographic information systems
SB 0988 Caskey - Expands the Kansas City commercial zone to include the City of Harrisonville
SB 0989 Caskey - Expands provisions of new property assessment provisions to include additional county
SB 0992 Johnson - Authorizes Buchanan County to seek a grant from the Contiguous Property Redevelopment Fund
SB 0993 Rohrbach - Revises residency requirements for fire protection district directors
SB 0996 Quick - Authorizes county commissions to pay the salaries of deputy circuit clerks and division clerks
SB 0997 Quick - Modifies duties of county collectors with respect to financial institutions
SB 1017 Cauthorn - Expands transient guest tax to include Clark County
SB 1032 Childers - Allows the treasurer to contract with property locators to assist in locating owners of abandoned property
SB 1039 DePasco - Revises the composition and selection of the Kansas City housing commissioners
SB 1041 Russell - Authorizes conveyance of property owned by Dept. of Natural Resources to private ownership
SB 1060 Westfall - Revises the fees collected by county collectors and treasurers ex officio collectors
SB 1084 Stoll - Allows certain counties to enact a 1% sales tax for law enforcement purposes
SB 1086 DePasco - Modifies nuisance laws for certain political subdivisions and laws regarding rehabilitation of abandoned buildings
SB 1107 Childers - Revises laws relating to ambulance districts, fire protection districts and ambulance services
SB 1108 Kennedy - Creates St. Louis Regional Taxicab Commission
SB 1113 Caskey - Revises law related to coroner's inquests
SB 1124 Dougherty - Authorizes the governor to convey certain property in the city of St. Louis
SB 1126 Quick - Authorizes the City of Excelsior Springs to order removal of weeds and trash
SB 1128 Johnson - Authorizes Clay County to submit a hotel tax to a vote of the people
SB 1129 Johnson - Allows for collection of fee on car rentals for economic development
SB 1132 Kennedy - Authorizes the recorder of deeds in the city of St. Louis to be named the local registrar for birth and death records
SB 1138 Childers - Allows ambulance and fire protection districts to impose sales tax and subsequent property tax rate decrease
SB 1151 Kinder - Expands purposes for which certain local tourism taxes can be used
SB 1168 Russell - Authorizes the conveyance of a clear zone easement to the city of Lebanon and the conveyance of certain state property
SB 1179 Caskey - Allows the Cole Co. Salary Commission to increase the salary of treasurer to equal the salary of public administrator
SB 1186 Kenney - Revises power of political subdivisions to impose surcharges and provide telecommunication services and facilities
SB 1210 Johnson - Permits a hotel tax to be submitted to a vote in certain locations
SB 1249 Mathewson - Requires additional information regarding department of economic development contracts for financial assistance
SB 1254 Steelman - Creates enterprise zones in certain locations
SB 1261 Dougherty - Authorizes St. Louis to abate the property owner's dwelling at the owner's expense for exceeding certain lead levels

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