Senator Bland
Bills Sponsored

SB 0593 - Establishes the "Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program" to provide health care benefits to all MO citizens
SB 0594 - Establishes the Tobacco Settlement Fund Commission
SB 0595 - Establishes tax credits for persons paying for or providing child care
SB 0636 - Preserves Walt Disney film studio as historic site
SB 0637 - Authorizes a two-year tax free zone in Kansas City
SB 0638 - Authorizes state income tax credit for purchase of goods or services from qualified minority business enterprise
SB 0660 - Establishes Pilot Program of Urban Early Compulsory School Attendance
SB 0661 - Prohibits HMOs from changing coinsurance, co-payment or deductible terms for prescrip. drugs during contract period
SB 0662 - Authorizes an appropriation to the MO Housing Development Commission for grants to local housing development groups
SB 0675 - Lowers the age for jury service from 21 to 18 and excuses certain students
SB 0676 - Expands scope of documents to be charged a fee
SB 0677 - Prohibits an insurer from refusing to insure an eligible person's interest in certain residential property
SB 0685 - Requires placement of warning signs in establishments licensed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages
SB 0686 - Requires health insurance policies to provide coverage for twenty-four hours of inpatient care following surgery
SB 0687 - Establishes the General Assembly Scholarship Program funded by a nonresident earnings tax
SB 0688 - Allows a waiver of bidding procedures for mental health services in certain situations
SB 0689 - Requires state colleges and universities to admit certain high school graduates
SB 0690 - School districts may create after-school and summer educational programs for at-risk youth
SB 0691 - Restricts a landlord from entering a lessee's premises without a reasonable business purpose and notice
SB 0698 - Requires charter schools to meet all accreditation standards and requirements
SB 0699 - Creates protections for health care consumers
SB 0838 - Creates commission to study death penalty; imposes two year moratorium on executions
SB 0879 - Modifies the licensure requirements of persons dealing with lead-bearing substances
SB 0880 - Reauthorizes the Joint Committee on Health Care, Policy and Planning
SB 0898 - Allows cities and counties to enact homestead exemption for certain senior citizens
SB 0909 - Exempts food local sales tax and reduces federal income tax deduction, subject to referendum
SB 0972 - Outlines minimum staffing requirements for skilled nursing facilities
SB 1030 - Outlines minimum staffing requirements for skilled nursing facilities
SB 1066 - State colleges and universities to establish telecommunity centers
SB 1067 - Requires manufacturers to install trigger locking device on certain firearms
SB 1082 - Requires law enforcement agencies to prohibit racial profiling practices and report statistics
SB 1083 - Establishes a Needle Exchange Program within the Department of Health
SCR 034 - Renames a portion of I-70 as the "Derrick Thomas Memorial Highway"
SJR 043 - Ratifies Equal Rights Amendment

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