Senator House
Bills Sponsored

HB 1284 - Fees for ambulance district board members
HCR 022 - Approves the state lottery commission's plan to implement the option of lump sum payments for pre-October 21, 1998
HJR 043 - Allows approval of school bond issues by simple majority in most elections
SB 0573 - Revises repayment of state school aid overpayment for certain districts
SB 0574 - Requires health plans to cover all services provided or ordered by registered nurse first assistants
SB 0729 - Revises laws regarding charter schools, teachers and school boards
SB 0737 - Requires that 100% time served for any felony committed with the aid of a weapon
SB 0813 - Modifies public safety, peace officer, and peace officer employee rights
SB 0814 - Allows traffic stops for violation of the seatbelt law
SB 0846 - Provides income tax credit for up to $1000 for residents of long term care facilities and home health care
SB 0847 - Allows a credit of up to $200 against income tax liability for property taxes paid
SB 0905 - Allows parents to object to required immunizations for their children based on philosophical beliefs
SB 0919 - Revises obsolete education provisions
SB 0978 - Allows political subdivisions to pay for health insurance for the dependents of retired or deceased employees
SB 1050 - Allows specified compensation of members of ambulance district boards
SCR 040 - Approval of a state lottery commission's plan
SJR 045 - Allows approval of school bond issues by simple majority, freezes property tax for seniors

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