Financial and Governmental Operations
Assigned Bills

HB 1144 - (Scheve) Provides certain consumer protections for home owners against home solicitors
HB 1376 - (Farnen) Allows the tour of state facilities by new members of the General Assembly to be any time of the year
HB 1464 - (Ransdall) Regulates the sale of funeral merchandise
HB 1596 - (Auer) Designates which financial institutions may hold certain assets not exclusively controlled by insurance companies
HB 1706 - (Gambaro) Expands allowable costs under the Brownfield program and provides for a demolition tax credit
HB 1728 - (Backer) Revises how Office of Administration makes purchases and requires agencies to provide services via the Internet
HB 1802 - (Monaco) Allows mortgage insurance for up to one hundred percent of the market value of the property
HB 1875 - (Franklin) Allows state to withhold moneys from political subdivisions until costs of an audit are paid
SB 0528 (Schneider) - Interest shall be calculated by actuarial method on prepayment of loans
SB 0538 (Russell) - Closes personal records held by the Division of Motor Vehicles and Driver's Licensing
SB 0556 (Mueller) - Amends MO Not for Profit Act by allowing a church to amend its bylaws by approval of 2/3 votes cast by church's members
SB 0563 (Johnson) - Modifies provisions regarding basic life insurance and holidays for state employees
SB 0565 (Rohrbach) - Prohibits the bulk disclosure of motor vehicle records by the Department of Revenue
SB 0566 (Rohrbach) - State employees' home addresses and phone numbers are to be confidential
SB 0669 (Goode) - Vetoed bills become effective 90 days after successful vote to override the veto
SB 0703 (Steelman) - Expands list of donees for state surplus property
SB 0727 (Goode) - Revises sunset on closure of certain municipal utility records
SB 0740 (Wiggins) - Allows State to withhold moneys due to political subdivisions for audits unreimbursed
SB 0759 (Klarich) - Requires all public office spaces not utilized by state employees to be leased to the highest bidder
SB 0772 (Goode) - Allows use of a single contract to design and build state facilities
SB 0778 (Staples) - Reimburses callers for long-distance calls who have reached a state agency's voice mail system
SB 0784 (Sims) - Requires the state auditor to review the deposit and disbursement of state funds
SB 0786 (Clay) - Places certain restrictions and limitations on lenders who provide high-cost home loans
SB 0788 (Johnson) - Amends "whistleblower" statute for certain employees, and modifies health care licensing and training standards
SB 0795 (Singleton) - Requires consumer reporting agencies to provide consumer reports to consumers when it provides them to creditors
SB 0798 (Ehlmann) - Requires the State to award additional vacation time to state employees who mentor children
SB 0804 (Yeckel) - Allows mortgage insurance for up to 100% of the market value of the property
SB 0837 (Wiggins) - Requires limited liability companies' articles of organization to reflect certain management information
SB 0845 (Rohrbach) - Residential mortgage brokers who post sufficient bond not required to provide annual certified audits
SB 0853 (Flotron) - Establishes the "Department of Revenue Oversight Board" within the Office of Administration
SB 0858 (Maxwell) - Revises the standard of proof for violations of the Sunshine Law
SB 0866 (Klarich) - Provides a centralized filing system in the records of the Division of Finance
SB 0869 (Schneider) - Mandates review of state contracts by the Attorney General
SB 0896 (Klarich) - Modifies law regarding LLC's, LLP's, corporations, financial institutions and other financial arrangements
SB 0915 (Clay) - A political subdivision may take ownership of an abandoned cemetery and convey it to a civic association
SB 0917 (Maxwell) - Regulates business opportunities
SB 0962 (Bentley) - Limits title lenders from charging a fee more than 5% of the principal loan amount to defray operational expenses
SB 0994 (Flotron) - Allows citizens to register their vehicles, pay taxes and access various agency services via the Internet
SB 1033 (Steelman) - Grants and scholarships shall contain a notice that they are provided by the taxpayers of Missouri
SB 1041 (Flotron) - Makes various changes to the Office of Administration regarding purchasing products and services
SB 1054 (Clay) - Requires the Secretary of State to assess records pertaining to the Underground Railroad in Missouri
SB 1055 (Kenney) - Requires sales representatives to disclose certain information regarding security brokers

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