Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence
Assigned Bills

HB 1097 - (Hosmer) Revises civil liability for trespass
HB 1215 - (Smith (011)) Changes in statutory provisions dealing with computer crimes
HB 1254 - (Kissell) Regulations for bail bondsmen, surety recovery agents and private investigators
HB 1289 - (Auer) Gives local street departments right to copies of law enforcement accident and incident reports
HB 1321 - (Relford) Adopts Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
HB 1353 - (Farnen) Opens coroner's reports to any person involved in a fatal accident
HB 1465 - (Ransdall) Points assessed for federal convictions; intermediate license insurance laws revised
HB 1472 - (Smith (011)) Creates Juvenile Information Governance Commission; authorizes sharing of information
HB 1509 - (Hosmer) Technical changes to unlawful merchandising law
HB 1615 - (Hosmer) Modifies various provisions relating to protection of the elderly
HB 1677 - (Wilson) Amends or creates various domestic violence and criminal reporting laws
HB 1768 - (Ward) Allows certain county to have full-time prosecutor
SB 0532 (Wiggins) - Bans assault weapons
SB 0537 (Russell) - Authorizes the creation of law enforcement districts
SB 0546 (Goode) - Creates crime of aggravated driving with excessive blood alcohol content
SB 0551 (Flotron) - Limits restrictions of religious exercise to cases where a compelling government interest is shown
SB 0554 (Singleton) - Increases penalties for possession of child pornography
SB 0567 (Clay) - Creates right of compensation for wrongful imprisonment
SB 0578 (Westfall) - Lowers blood alcohol content to .08% for drunk driving arrests
SB 0579 (Westfall) - Prohibits passengers from consuming or possessing open alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle
SB 0580 (Westfall) - Theft or attempted theft of anhydrous ammonia or liquid nitrogen is a Class D felony
SB 0590 (Yeckel) - Creates crime of trespass of a school bus
SB 0611 (Goode) - Revises Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act
SB 0632 (Childers) - Provides civil immunity to certain crime victims for injuries to perpetrator
SB 0655 (Ehlmann) - Attorney General must defend the constitutionality of statutes
SB 0671 (Ehlmann) - Amends felony stealing limit
SB 0683 (Childers) - Imposes an additional fine for speeding in a construction or work zone
SB 0704 (Kinder) - Prohibits political subdivisions from suing firearms manufacturers for sale or marketing to public
SB 0707 (Singleton) - Creates crime of evading law enforcement officer
SB 0708 (DePasco) - Increases penalty for littering
SB 0713 (Schneider) - Modifies authority of Associate Circuit Judge
SB 0715 (Schneider) - Modifies the authority of traffic court judges in St. Louis County
SB 0722 (Caskey) - Family access motions may be used to enforce all custody and visitation orders
SB 0732 (Schneider) - Creates civil recovery for false or fraudulent monetary claims made to the state
SB 0737 (House) - Requires that 100% time served for any felony committed with the aid of a weapon
SB 0758 (Maxwell) - Revises laws relating to computer crimes
SB 0769 (DePasco) - Changes the administrative hearing process within the Kansas City Police Department
SB 0773 (Caskey) - Allows certain individuals to carry concealed weapons
SB 0774 (Caskey) - Creates Drug Courts Coordinating Commission
SB 0782 (Westfall) - Revises provisions regarding repeat alcohol-related traffic offenders
SB 0799 (Ehlmann) - Creates the offense of aggressive driving
SB 0811 (Singleton) - Increases parental liability for certain acts of children
SB 0813 (House) - Modifies public safety, peace officer, and peace officer employee rights
SB 0814 (House) - Allows traffic stops for violation of the seatbelt law
SB 0828 (DePasco) - It is a Class D felony to make a material false statement to the Gaming Commission
SB 0830 (Caskey) - Allows Division of Youth Services to issue arrest warrants for certain offenders
SB 0835 (Staples) - Permits police officers to enforce seatbelt law if the violation is clearly visible to the officer
SB 0838 (Bland) - Creates commission to study death penalty; imposes two year moratorium on executions
SB 0844 (Kinder) - Allows community notification regarding registered sex offenders, based on assessment of danger
SB 0900 (Wiggins) - Creates felony of intimidation of an athletic coach, manager or sports official
SB 0907 (Caskey) - Amends motor vehicle tinted window prohibition
SB 0916 (Singleton) - Revises peace officer training and certification laws
SB 0934 (Caskey) - Revises laws regarding intoxication-related traffic offenses
SB 0941 (DePasco) - Revises certain sexual offenses involving children
SB 0942 (Rohrbach) - Requires assessment to be filed with petition for civil commitment of sexually violent predators
SB 0944 (Caskey) - Revises prohibitions on drugs and weapons on school premises
SB 0952 (Stoll) - The Attorney General may investigate the abuse and neglect of residents of long term care facilities
SB 0979 (Kenney) - Modifies domestic violence law
SB 0980 (Jacob) - Extends domestic violence and criminal reporting laws
SB 0996 (DePasco) - Modifies the handling costs the prosecuting attorneys may charge a person for passing a bad check
SB 0997 (Caskey) - Allows exemplary damages in probate cases where property has been improperly transferred from estate
SB 1006 (Yeckel) - Revises child custory relocation
SB 1025 (Clay) - Prohibits non-compete clauses in employment contracts within the broadcast industry
SB 1031 (Sims) - Revises and creates crimes regarding theft of merchandise
SB 1038 (Caskey) - Clarifies procedure for instructions regarding lesser included offenses
SB 1043 (Mathewson) - Creates crime of theft of service; revises stealing felony limit
SB 1045 (Caskey) - Adds a judge to 17th Circuit (Cass and Johnson Counties)
SB 1047 (Rohrbach) - Mentally retarded persons may not receive death penalty; provides hearing procedure
SB 1049 (Caskey) - Prohibits water companies from charging one service area for plant costs in another area
SB 1053 (Goode) - Requires law enforcement agencies to prohibit racial profiling practices and report statistics
SB 1058 (Singleton) - Repeals automatic 2% length of service pay increase for highway patrol members
SB 1060 (Yeckel) - Eliminates portion of certain appeal bonds
SB 1067 (Bland) - Requires manufacturers to install trigger locking device on certain firearms
SB 1068 (Singleton) - Courts may fine public employee up to $5000 for failure to enforce rights of crime victims
SB 1072 (Wiggins) - Creates Commission on the Death Penalty
SB 1082 (Bland) - Requires law enforcement agencies to prohibit racial profiling practices and report statistics
SJR 038 (Ehlmann) - Revises Missouri Constitution to prohibit laws to establish or limit free exercise of religion
SJR 042 (Yeckel) - Revises the Constitution to allow public funding to educational activities controlled by religious entities

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