Puzzles and Games

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1. The lower chamber in a bi-cameral Legislature.
2. The upper chamber in a bi-cameral Legislature.
3. A draft of a proposed law presented to the Legislature by a member of the General Assembly.
4. The lieutenant governor. (2 words)
8. The area of the Senate and House chamber open to the general public.

5. The time period established by the Missouri Constitution for regular meetings of the General Assembly (2 words)
6. Change proposed by a lawmaker to the original bill.
7. A statement in a bill indicating that the law will take effect after it receives the governor's signature. (2 words)
9. Legislator who is the primary author of a bill or amendment.
10. The rejection by the governor of a bill passed by the Legislature.
11. Bills are referred to this for consideration by subject.
12. A person who represents him or herself or others in opposing or furthering legislation.

Word Search

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These 15 words found in the word search above relate to the people, places and policies regarding the legislative process.


Match Game
Use the Missouri Senate Kids' page to match the phrase to its description.
1. The number of senators a. 3
2. When the Legislature convenes b. 2
3. The number of years per House term c. 163
4. Number of branches in state government d. 34
5. The number of House members e. bi-cameral
6. The type of Legislature Missouri has f. Jefferson City
7. Where the Missouri Capitol is located g. 4
8. Number of years per Senate term h. January

Get Involved!
Even though you cannot vote until you are 18 years old, you can still play an important role in the shaping of Missouri laws. If you have a suggestion or comment about your state government, legislators enjoy hearing from their younger constituents.

You can determine who your lawmakers are by using the Internet. You can even email your legislators using the email address listed on his or her website.

If you want to meet your state senator or representative, you should call ahead to make an appointment.

In the meantime, learn all you can about the legislative process and the issues that affect you and your family so that you can become an informed voter. You can make a difference if you just get involved!