Audio: Sen. Denny Hoskins’ Podcast for the Week of Feb. 21

Friday, February 25, 2022



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  1. Senator Hoskins says Senate Bill 672 seeks to modify provisions relating to workforce development.
    Hoskins-1-022422 (:21) Q: of our state.
  2. Senator Hoskins adds he has concerns about this legislation.
    Hoskins-2-022422 (:19) Q: bill that passed.
  3. Senator Hoskins also says House Bill 3014 is a supplemental budget for the current fiscal year.
    Hoskins-3-022422 (:21) Q: $4.7 billion bill.
  4. Senator Hoskins says he is not convinced all of the spending in this supplemental is one-time-only.
    Hoskins-4-022422 (:19) Q: things like that.