Senator Mike Bernskoetter's Legislative Column for March 1, 2024

Friday, March 1, 2024

Senator Mike Bernskoetter

6th Senatorial District


For Immediate Release: 

Mar. 1, 2024


Capitol Building, Room 416

Jefferson City, MO 65101


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Passing Priorities


I hope you enjoyed the string of warm weather this past week. It makes me think of all the beautiful land that will soon bloom across Missouri. In the meantime, I’ve worked here in the Capitol to get legislation important to you through the Senate.


One important issue I hope to soon see get taken up on the Senate floor is Senate Bill 748, otherwise known as the federal reimbursement allowance (FRA). The FRA is a large source of funding for rural hospitals, ambulances, and nursing facilities. Without these funds, many of these already struggling facilities will likely close. For this reason, I believe moving the FRA through the Senate as quickly as possible is critical to the health of Missourians throughout the state, but especially those in rural communities.


The Senate also discussed Senate Bill 754 in the chamber this week. This public safety bill has many different provisions to keep Missourians safe and is the result of multiple related bills being combined. Included in it, is my Senate Bill 746, which would prevent juveniles guilty of second-degree murder from being eligible for parole after just 15 years to ensure guilty parties serve their entire sentence. This would prevent families of victims from reliving tragedy and traumatic court proceedings every time a parole board hearing comes up, such as in the tragic case of Elizabeth Olten.


The Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment heard my Senate Bill 934. This bill would increase the number of council members on the Missouri Public Service Commission from five to seven. It would also require that two of the members come from the agriculture industry. This will ensure the Missouri agricultural community is represented on the Public Service Commission.


In the General Laws Committee, which I chair, my Senate Bill 935 was heard. This bill expands current law, which states workers’ compensation will be reduced if the employee was injured while using alcohol or non-prescribed controlled drugs at the time of the injury, to also include marijuana. It is my hope that this will encourage workers to refrain from unsafe practices at work, keep everyone safer and prevent unnecessary business losses by closing this loophole.


The committee also heard my Senate Bill 936. This bill introduces a paint recycling program to help dispose of paint in way friendly to the environment and Missourians. It would allow manufacturer’s to run paint reclamation programs throughout the state at no cost to the State of Missouri or to Missourians. I think this common-sense bill will help to increase recycling efforts in the state.


I will continue to keep you updated on the progress of my legislation as well as any other top priorities discussed in the Senate.


Please feel free to contact my office at 573-751-2076. For information about my committee assignments or sponsored legislation, please visit my official Missouri Senate website at