Sen. Lincoln Hough's Legislative Column for Feb. 16, 2024

Friday, February 16, 2024

Senator Lincoln Hough
District 30

For Immediate Release: 
Feb. 16, 2024

Capitol Building, Room 419
 Jefferson City, MO 65101 

Contact: Jacob Schelp

Deliberate Actions Benefiting Every Missourian

The Missouri State Senate convened on the 3rd of January. The echoing of voices will be heard within the rotunda up until the final moments pressing against the 6pm deadline on the 17th of May. Within this span of 135 days, legislation will be written, filed, voted upon and enacted. It’s not easy to pass legislation, and it shouldn’t be. It should be challenging to convince a majority of the legislative body that a solution or piece of legislation is needed.

If you’re ever wondering why the Senate moves in a slow manner, sometimes at a crawl, I believe a good place to start is by asking a simple question. Would you want your surgeon to rush through the surgery? Of course not. Similarly, the Senate must be deliberative when it comes to making sure our legislation benefits both our constituents and the state of Missouri. 

Senate Bill 748, the Federal Reimbursement Allowance (FRA), my first piece of legislation, would extend the “sunset” clause of the original FRA, which started in the early nineties and has been renewed 16 times. This legislation generates $4.4 billion to cover Medicaid/Medicare patients, lightening the burden of obtaining health care from the backs of many Missourians, primarily seniors and disabled Missourians. 

In addition to protecting the physical health of Missourians, it is also important to me to safeguard the state’s fiscal health and prevent government overreach. I believe we do that by making strategic, long-term investments in our infrastructure and making sure government bureaucracy is not standing in the way of your success. When Missourians succeed, Missouri succeeds. I will stand firm and continue to sponsor, support and fight for legislation that cuts bureaucratic red-tape while simultaneously making it easier to contest burdensome fees and penalties.

Individual liberty, opportunity and a limited government are the principles that have guided my career and are the foundations of our great country. America is synonymous with freedom, but the American dream is about more than that basic right; it is also about realizing the result of hard work, sacrifice and selflessness. My goal will always be to make sure that dream is alive for every Missourian and that the government is a mechanism to support it, not stand in the way. 

These are the fundamentals that guide my actions as your representative in the Missouri Senate. You can see all the legislation I have sponsored for the 2024 legislative session by visiting I encourage you to remain involved in the process and informed of the issues and legislation that will be appearing before the General Assembly this year. 

It’s time we show the nation our Missouri resolve. God bless America and the great state of Missouri.