Senator Mueller
Bills Sponsored

HB 0034 - Allows political subdivisions to join together to purchase insurance for elderly or low-income housing
SB 0027 - Specifies the method of reporting of absentee votes
SB 0028 - Allows political subdivisions to purchase insurance for elderly or low-income housing
SB 0029 - Revises the statute of limitations for home improvements
SB 0089 - Requires affidavits in civil suits against certain professionals
SB 0359 - Modifies existing law with respect to recreational vehicles and manufactured housing
SB 0407 - Eliminates the requirement of a summary for life insurance policies marketed with an illustration
SB 0437 - Establishes flat individual income tax rate
SB 0491 - Allows motor vehicle liability policies to exclude coverage for certain types of damages
SB 0504 - Amends MO Not-for-Profit Act by allowing a church to amend bylaws/articles by approval of 2/3 of votes cast by members
SCR 009 - Disapproval of the 1998 Report of the Missouri Citizens Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials
SJR 017 - Authorizes general assembly to provide for site valuation of land for property tax purposes

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