Senator Goode
Bills Sponsored

HB 0001 - Public debt appropriations
HB 0002 - Appropriations for the State Board of Education and the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education
HB 0003 - Appropriations for Higher Education
HB 0004 - Appropriations for Depts. of Revenue and Transportation
HB 0005 - Office of Administration, Department of Transportation and Governor's appropriations
HB 0006 - Appropriations for the Departments of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation
HB 0007 - Appropriations for the Departments of Economic Development, Insurance and Labor and Industrial Relations
HB 0008 - Appropriations for the Dept. of Public Safety
HB 0009 - Appropriations for the Dept. of Corrections
HB 0010 - Appropriations for Departments of Mental Health, Health, Board of Public Buildings
HB 0011 - Appropriations for the Department of Social Services
HB 0012 - Appropriations for Elected Officials; Judiciary & General Assembly
HB 0013 - Leases and related services for departments of state government
HB 0014 - Appropriations for supplemental purposes
HB 0015 - Appropriates money for capital improvements and other purposes for several departments
HB 0016 - Appropriates money for capital improvements and economic development projects
HB 0017 - Capital improvement projects and maintenance and repairs
HB 0018 - Appropriates money for planning, expenses lease-purchases and for capital improvements
HB 0019 - Appropriates money for various purposes of the several departments
HB 0368 - Requires salary ranges for dept. directors and executive branch positions to be set by personnel advisory board
HB 0603 - Revises landfill permit process and waste tire laws
HCR 011 - Continues the Joint Interim Committee on Telecommunications and Energy
HCR 028 - Authorizes interim legislative committee to study funding of hazardous waste program
SB 0018 - Creates crime of aggravated driving with excessive blood alcohol content of .15%
SB 0019 - Increases enforcement provisions for motor vehicle financial responsibility
SB 0020 - Authorizes municipalities to levy property tax to protect homeowners against declining property values
SB 0082 - Authorizes fee for repairs of leaking water service lateral lines in St. Louis County
SB 0083 - Removes termination date on reports of funding received by local agencies for homeless programs
SB 0084 - Regulates the towing of motor vehicles and other abandoned property
SB 0117 - Specifies that article used in trade-in to offset sales tax must have had tax paid or been exempted from tax
SB 0118 - Revises motor vehicle emissions inspections for certain areas
SB 0119 - Modifies provisions pertaining to nondrivers' licenses
SB 0134 - Revises one stop notification procedures for excavation projects
SB 0135 - Modifies limited driving privilege for those convicted of drunk driving
SB 0136 - Authorizes multiple contracts for certain state construction projects
SB 0146 - Authorizes state income tax credit for personal property tax paid on non-business motor vehicles
SB 0147 - Phases out assessed valuation of motor vehicles used primarily for nonbusiness purposes
SB 0172 - Increases penalties for violations of utility laws
SB 0179 - Allows use of a single contract to design and build state facilities
SB 0185 - Establishes good faith employee negotiations for public employment
SB 0209 - Requires seller certification for sales of electricity and gas; distributors required to file tariffs
SB 0289 - Revises vocational and technical education in St. Louis City and County
SB 0300 - Provides for modified central tax assessment of electric generating property
SB 0326 - Extends the expiration date of the Nursing Facility Reimbursement Allowance to 9/30/2000
SB 0353 - Extends sunset on hazardous waste disposal and generator fees
SB 0392 - Establishes a graduated driver's licensing system
SB 0393 - Modifies provisions pertaining to driver's and nondriver's licenses
SB 0404 - Salaries of certain personnel to be set by the Governor within approved ranges
SB 0412 - Requires statewide candidates to file campaign reports electronically
SB 0415 - Modifies law regarding registration of motor vehicles and compliance with motor vehicle responsibility law
SB 0476 - Establishes retail electric customer choice
SB 0495 - Requires Utilicare Energy Assistance Program to obligate all fed. emergency funds before utilizing general revenue funds
SCR 002 - Relating to telecommunications
SJR 005 - Eliminates the Citizens' Commission on the Compensation for Elected Officials
SJR 006 - Forfeiture proceeds shall be divided between school fund and Public Safety Dept.
SJR 007 - Exempts from taxation motor vehicles used primarily for non-business purposes, with a replacement tax
SJR 011 - Exempts from taxation motor vehicles used primarily for non-business purposes

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