Senator Scott
Bills Sponsored

HB 0065 - Modifies provisions of the St. Louis Police Retirement System
HB 0261 - Removes expiration date of December 31, 1999 from certain counties' transportation sales tax
HB 0267 - Modifies the powers and duties of the Division of Liquor Control
HB 0275 - Authorizes St. Louis City public administrator
HB 0478 - Changes Managing General Agents Act as it pertains to foreign insurers
HB 0662 - Changes portions of the sheriffs' retirement plan
HB 0748 - Allows salary adjustment for certain St. Louis City officials
HB 0795 - Permits documents to be kept in an electronic format by certain public entities
HB 0866 - Modifies certain provisions relating to real estate licensees and transaction brokers
HB 0867 - Allows Board of Optometry to seek court orders against licensees
HB 0979 - Changes membership requirements for the Board of Trustees of the St. Louis Public School Retirement System
SB 0010 - Establishes the Mark McGwire Highway
SB 0199 - Condemnation proceedings and appointment of commissioners
SB 0213 - Changes portions of the Sheriffs' Retirement Plan
SB 0269 - Removes from definitions of gambling and gambling device amusement machines which give right of replay or listed item
SB 0308 - Changes various retirement systems
SB 0314 - Modifies provisions of the state retirement system
SB 0380 - Exempts from sales and use tax tangible personal property purchased for use in research and experimentation activities
SB 0405 - Allows the creation of a Metropolitan Park District
SB 0468 - Establishes MO Earthquake Catastrophe Fund to reimburse property insurers for losses incurred in an earthquake
SCR 006 - Relating to establishing a portion of Interstate Highway 70 as "Mark McGwire Highway"
SJR 028 - Amending the Saint Louis City Charter

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