SB 0249 Regulates manufactured home installers
LR Number:S0857.04P Fiscal Note:0857-04
Committee:Commerce and Environment
Last Action:03/31/99 - Hearing Conducted H Professional Registration & Journal page:
Licensing Committee
Title:SCS SB 249
Effective Date:August 28, 1999
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 249 - This act creates the Missouri Manufactured Housing Industry Board within the Division of Professional Registration.

Individuals wishing to be set-up contractors must meet criteria established by the act, which include: completion of educational programs recognized by the board; completion of supervised field work; passage of an examination; meeting the minimum age requirement; providing proof of mandatory insurance (workers compensation and liability); and completing a training course approved by the board. The board also has the authority to issue temporary limited licenses.

The act requires manufactured home manufacturers and dealers who do not subcontract with licensed set-up contractors to have at least one employee who has completed all the requirements of the act.

The board may waive the licensing requirements if individuals can prove that they are currently licensed in another state as a set-up contractor and they meet all criteria established by the board.

The act also contains provisions pertaining to the disciplinary powers of the board, renewal of licenses, revocation and suspension, complaints against licensees, subpoena powers, and the filing of complaints with the Administrative Hearing Commission.

Political subdivisions are prohibited from requiring additional licenses for set-up contractors.

All set-up contractors must affix decals purchased from the Division of Professional Registration to manufactured homes denoting the date of setup and the name and license of the contractor.

This act has penalty provisions and expires on August 28, 2004.