Bills Sponsored

SB 0488 - Changes Adult Protec. Orders/Allows Child Dev. Trng. Centers
SB 0489 - Treatment Programs For Juvenile Offenders
SB 0490 - New Circuit Court Positions-St. Louis City
SB 0554 - Allows Child Development Training Centers in Colleges
SB 0555 - Division of Aging to Begin Pilot Projects to Aid Elderly
SB 0763 - Improves Access to Immunization for Children
SB 0764 - Managed Health Care Plans
SB 0781 - Increase Prisoner Reimbursement Rates to Counties
SB 0858 - Allows For Changes in Testing Procedure For AIDS
SB 0923 - State Highway System to Include Routes in St. Louis City
SB 0934 - Changes Certificate of Need Process
SB 0977 - Imposes Conditions On Restructuring of Nonprofit Hlth. Plans
SCR 022 - Relating to legislative holidays

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