SB 0686 Procedure For Removal of Officials In Fourth Class Cities
LR Number:S2541.02I Fiscal Note:2541-02
Committee:Agriculture and Local Government
Last Action:05/28/96 - S Inf Calendar S Bills for Perfection w/SCA 1
Effective Date:August 28, 1996
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Current Bill Summary

SB 686 - This act delineates the procedure for removal of elective officers in fourth class cities. Any elective officer may have removal charges brought against them for cause shown. For cause shown shall mean any felony conviction or a misdemeanor conviction which relates to the performance of the duties of the office, or for misfeasance, malfeasance or willful neglect of duty.

Upon request of a majority of the board of aldermen, the mayor or a representative of the board shall request the prosecuting attorney to file, within 24 hours, a motion in civil court seeking the removal of the officer.

The judge may suspend the officer at any time during the proceedings. The proceedings shall be in the nature of a civil action.