SB 0606 Academic Stand./Assessm. & Penalties for Deficient Schools
LR Number:S1966.02I Fiscal Note:1966-02
Last Action:02/06/96 - Voted Do Not Pass S Education Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1996
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Current Bill Summary

SB 606 - Academic performance standards shall not be construed to replace existing standards for mastery of basic knowledge and such standards shall establish basic mastery levels prerequisite to mastery of higher skills. The act provides that choice of curriculum, teaching method and educational philosophy shall remain a local decision. Development of state performance standards and assessments shall not require or encourage elimination of programs for gifted students.

The act removes the existing prohibition on using the Missouri Mastery and Achievement Test as part of any new statewide academic assessment system and the prohibition on allowing tracking of academic performance between schools. The state assessment system shall be objective and verifiable, shall not use group grading, shall be organized by subject matter and grade level and shall measure memorization, grammar and spelling skills.

The act eliminates the authority for the State Board of Education to order recall elections for school board members of districts in which a school or schools have been designated as "academically deficient".

The act eliminates the provision that school districts classified as unaccredited for two consecutive years shall be disincorporated.