SB 0510 Allows Reporting & Exams of Impaired Drivers
LR Number:S1962.08C Fiscal Note:1962-08
Committee:Corrections and General Laws
Last Action:05/28/96 - H Calendar S Bills for Third Reading w/HCS
Title:HCS/SS/SCS/SB 510
Effective Date:January 1, 1997
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Current Bill Summary

HS/SS/SCS/SB 510 - The Director of Revenue may determine that a motor vehicle operator is incompetent to continue driving upon receiving a report from a law enforcement officer, a physician or physical therapist, a legal guardian of the driver or a family member within 2 degrees of consanguinity. The Director may require the driver to take a physical or mental examination at the operator's expense.

A person making a report in good faith shall be immune from civil liability. A physician-patient relationship shall not prevent the making of a report. Information reported shall be kept confidential. The Department of Revenue shall keep records of reports made and actions taken. The Department of Revenue shall establish guidelines for reporting in consultation with a medical advisory board.

MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD - A medical/vision advisory board is established to advise the Director of Revenue on medical criteria for the reporting and examination of drivers. Five physicians appointed by the Governor shall serve in a voluntary capacity.

EDUCATION - The Department of Public Safety shall establish an educational program pertaining to impaired drivers. It shall inform the public of problems with impaired drivers, procedures for reporting impaired drivers, and the availability of alternative transportation.

PENALTIES - A violation of confidentiality is a Class A misdemeanor. The filing of a false report is a Class A misdemeanor. A civil action is also created for both violations.

EFFECTIVE DATE - The act takes effect January 1, 1997.