SB 0369 Repeal of the Division of Transportation
Committee:APRPLR Number:S1176.07P
Last Action:04/26/95 - Hearing Conducted H Transportation Committee
Title:SS/SB 0369
Effective Date:Emergency Claus
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Current Bill Summary

SS/SB 369 - The Division of Transportation shall cease to operate on July 1, 1995. No more than 39 personnel shall be transferred to other state agencies to perform the functions transferred. All of its remaining functions shall be divided between the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Revenue, the Department of Highways and Transportation and the Public Service Commission.

The Department of Public Safety shall assume the functions of safety and enforcement by Type I transfer. The Department of Revenue shall assume functions related to the collection of license fees and the filing of liability insurance by Type I transfer. The Department of Highways and Transportation shall take over the regulation of railroads by Type III transfer. The Public Service Commission shall regulate the commercial transportation of passengers and household goods, by Type I transfer.

Regulation of the commercial transportation of all goods and services other than passengers and household goods by Missouri is terminated in compliance with federal law. However, all motor carriers shall obtain a license to operate in the state and shall file evidence of insurance. The Highway Reciprocity Commission may provide for a single state registration system for motor carriers and it may negotiate cooperative agreements with other states.

All pending cases shall continue to be resolved by the current administrative law judges. As of July 1, 1995 the administrative law judges shall be transferred to the Administrative Hearing Commission for the remainder of their appointed terms. One judge shall be reappointed for an additional term of six years.

This act has an Emergency Clause.