SB 0369 Repeal of the Division of Transportation
02/02/95S First Read
02/13/95Referred S Appropriations Committee
02/20/95Hearing Conducted S Appropriations Committee
02/20/95Voted Do Pass S Appropriations Committee
03/02/95Reported From S Appropriations Committee to Floor
03/15/95SS S offered (Lybyer)
04/04/95SS adopted
04/05/95Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee
04/06/95Referred S Budget Control Committee
04/12/95Hearing Conducted S Budget Control Committee
04/12/95Voted Do Pass S Budget Control Committee
04/12/95Reported From S Budget Control Committee
04/12/95S Third Read and Passed (w/EC)
04/12/95H First Read (w/EC)
04/13/95Referred H Transportation Committee
04/26/95Hearing Conducted H Transportation Committee
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