SB 0100 Payments into Crime Victims Compensation Fund
Committee:JUDILR Number:S0488.01I
Last Action:01/25/95 - Hearing Conducted S Judiciary Committee
Effective Date:August 28, 1995
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Current Bill Summary

SB 100 - Every entity contracting with a person convicted of a crime and incarcerated in a correctional facility must submit a copy of any contract to pay money to the person to the Division of Workers' Compensation.

The moneys received from such contracts shall be placed in an account for the benefit of any victim of crimes committed by the person convicted. Victims are required to bring a civil action against the convicted person within 5 years of establishment of the account. Any money judgment against the convicted person may be recovered from the account after application to the Division.

The Division must notify all known victims once every 6 months for five years from the date it receives money under this act. If no actions are pending against the convicted person after 5 years, or five years from the date of establishment of the account, whichever is later, moneys in any account may be used for any other purpose authorized in the Crime Victims Compensation Fund. The moneys in the account may be used to retain legal counsel for the convicted person at any stage of the appeal or post conviction process.

"Contracts" under this act shall not include any work release program established or facilitated by the Department of Corrections or any passive income. Contracts made after the convicted person has been placed on probation, granted parole or released from the custody of the Department of Corrections shall not be subject to this act.