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Bills Sponsored by Senator Bill Eigel

SB 733 Modifies provisions relating to personal property taxes
SB 734 Modifies provisions relating to military affairs
SB 735 Creates and modifies provisions relating to gold and silver
SB 831 Modifies provisions relating to statutes of limitations
SB 832 Modifies provisions relating to elections
SB 833 Creates provisions relating to condemnation of land by certain utilities
SB 922 Modifies provisions relating to annexation
SB 923 Creates new provisions relating to protecting public assets from adversarial foreign assets
SB 924 Modifies provisions relating to the foreign ownership of real estate
SB 1004 Creates the Anti-Red Flag Gun Seizure Act
SB 1005 Authorizes the Governor to transfer the powers, duties, personnel, and property of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to other state agencies
SB 1006 Modifies provisions relating to charter schools and the assessment of public elementary and secondary schools
SB 1307 Creates new requirements for eligibility for public office
SB 1334 Enacts regulations on automated license plate reader systems
SB 1372 Creates new provisions relating to illegal immigrants
SB 1402 Provides that students enrolled in the Reserve Officer Training Corps at a state college or university shall be eligible for in-state tuition fees
SCR 25 Commends Israel for its cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with Missouri and the United States, supports Israel's right to exist, and recognizes Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel
SJR 51 Modifies procedures for initiative petitions
SJR 52 Prohibits foreign ownership of agricultural land in Missouri
SJR 53 Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SJR 83 Modifies provisions relating to constitutional amendments
SR 552 Amends Senate Rule 64 to require a floor substitute to be distributed to members of the Senate at least two legislative days before being offered
SR 557 Modifies Senate Rules 50 and 60 regarding the report by the Committee on Appropriations for new appropriations of general revenue
SR 558 Modifies Senate Rule 60 regarding the amendment process for appropriations bills

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