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Bills Sponsored by Senator Jill Carter

SB 814 Creates the Education Freedom Act and modifies provisions relating to the assessment of public elementary and secondary schools
SB 815 Creates new provisions restricting corporate and public entities from making financial decisions that are not based on pecuniary factors
SB 816 Modifies requirements for electronic voting systems
SB 907 Changes the mission of Missouri Southern State University
SB 908 Creates provisions relating to the disposal of animal processing waste
SB 909 Prohibits availability of public funds to health care facilities that refuse treatment based on COVID-19 vaccination status
SB 989 Modifies provisions relating to civil actions
SB 990 Enacts provisions relating to verification of disabilities
SB 991 Modifies provisions relating to administrative proceedings relating to MO HealthNet
SB 1063 Establishes provisions requiring liability insurance and prevention policies of childhood sexual abuse for child care providers and modifies civil actions for childhood sexual abuse
SB 1064 Modifies provisions relating to food labeling
SB 1065 Establishes the Career-Tech Certificate Program Fund to reimburse certain students' tuition, books, and fees to certain postsecondary training programs and programs of study
SB 1120 Reinstates the Presidential Preference Primary Election
SB 1170 Creates provisions relating to free speech policies in higher education and establishes the College Student Free Speech and Association Act
SB 1256 Creates the Given Name Act establishing provisions relating to forms of address in public schools
SB 1261 Specifies that ATVs used for any agricultural purpose shall be considered farm machinery and equipment for purposes of a sales tax exemption
SB 1289 Repeals a provision relating to health and family education
SB 1290 Establishes the "Classical Education Grant Program" for the purpose of assisting school districts with providing programs in classical education
SB 1291 Creates provisions relating to fire protection services to annexed areas in certain counties
SB 1369 Creates provisions relating to land application of certain wastes
SB 1383 Modifies provisions relating to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
SB 1428 Modifies provisions relating to criminal offenses
SB 1429 Requires blood banks to test donated blood for COVID-19 or other mRNA vaccines
SB 1473 Modifies provisions relating to elections
SB 1474 Modifies the documents acceptable for applicants to obtain a "veteran" designation on his or her driver's license
SB 1497 Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to post on its website any memorandum of understanding or other agreement with a third party
SCR 22 Modifies the statewide mission of Missouri Southern State University
SCR 29 Urges the Governor to send Missouri National Guard members to aid the state of Texas in protection of the borders of the United States
SCR 37 Expresses the concern of the General Assembly regarding policies of international organizations that advocate for policies that could undermine the core values and interests of Missouri's residents
SJR 75 Modifies provisions relating to sheriffs
SJR 76 Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet
SJR 77 Modifies process for initiative petitions
SJR 81 Modifies the initiative petition process
SJR 86 Places limitations on state spending
SR 983 Celebrates April as Autism Acceptance Month
HB 1518 Prohibits public institutions of higher education from taking adverse action against belief-based student associations
HB 1569 Establishes provisions relating to education
HB 2134 Creates new provisions relating to water pollution

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