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Bills Sponsored by Senator Cindy O'Laughlin

SB 757 Creates provisions relating to the closure of electric power plants
SB 758 Modifies provisions relating to the Public Service Commission
SB 759 Creates new provisions relating to time-of-use rates for electricity
SB 855 Modifies provisions relating to net metering
SB 856 Modifies provisions relating to residency requirements for mayors of certain cities
SB 1296 Conveys certain state property
SB 1393 Changes the deadline for school districts to submit proposals to operate recovery high schools
SB 1394 Establishes provisions relating to teacher certification
SB 1463 Modifies provisions relating to determination of fault of parties and nonparties in civil actions
SCR 21 Establishes every fourth Wednesday of February as "Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Day" in Missouri
HCR 28 Convenes a joint session for the State of the State Address
HCR 37 Convenes a joint session to receive a message from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri
HCR 45 Convenes a joint session to receive a message from Maor Elbaz-Starinsky, the Israeli Consul General in Miami, Florida

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