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Bills Sponsored by Senator Tracy McCreery

SB 820 Creates the offense of aggravated fleeing a stop or detention of a motor vehicle
SB 821 Enacts provisions relating to insurance coverage of self-administered hormonal contraceptives
SB 822 Modifies the Senior Citizen Property Tax Relief Credit
SB 913 Modifies provisions relating to unlawful possession of firearms
SB 914 Modifies provisions relating to parole eligibility
SB 915 Authorizes certain senior citizens to defer property taxes
SB 995 Modifies provisions relating to abuse and neglect reporting, including a requirement to report companion animal abuse
SB 996 Modifies provisions relating to the offense of endangering the welfare of a child
SB 997 Modifies provisions relating to distributors of hypodermic needles
SB 1069 Creates the Missouri Earned Family and Medical Leave Act
SB 1070 Creates a cyber crimes task force
SB 1071 Modifies interest rates for small loans
SB 1126 Increases the minimum wage rate to $15 per hour by 2026
SB 1127 Authorizes a sales tax exemption for certain vitamins
SB 1128 Modifies provisions relating to self-administered hormonal contraceptives
SB 1173 Requires members of the General Assembly to file certain reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission
SB 1174 Modifies provisions relating to a tax credit for contributions to certain child advocacy organizations
SB 1175 Modifies provisions relating to a tax credit for neighborhood assistance programs
SB 1204 Creates provisions relating to reimbursement by electric utilities to customers for losses incurred from electric service interruption
SB 1205 Modifies provisions relating to a task force on video services
SB 1206 Authorizes a tax credit for the purchase of electric vehicles
SB 1321 Modifies provisions relating to the purchase of small water utilities by large water public utilities
SB 1324 Enacts the "Missouri Uniform Homeowners' Association Act"
SB 1325 Modifies provisions relating to the licensure of registered interior designers
SB 1326 Modifies provisions relating to forensic examinations of victims of sexual offenses
SB 1327 Creates provisions relating to a restricted firearms list
SB 1328 Repeals a provisions of law relating to mammograms
SB 1335 Prohibits certain mental health professionals from engaging in conversion therapy with minors
SB 1367 Repeals certain provisions relating to county health ordinances
SB 1386 Authorizes a tax credit for certain volunteer drivers
SB 1407 Repeals an age limit on the requirement for health insurance to cover low protein modified food products for certain conditions
SB 1408 Creates provisions relating to certain customer classes approved by the Public Service Commission
SB 1442 Creates provisions relating to terms and conditions by public utilities
SB 1443 Modifies MO HealthNet coverage of hearing instruments
SB 1444 Creates provisions relating to digitally altered media
SB 1445 Modifies provisions relating to expedited partner therapy
SB 1471 Creates provisions relating to certain types of billing for water or sewer services
SB 1472 Creates provisions relating to product repair requirements
SB 1486 Modifies the definition of an unborn child to exclude embryos created through in vitro fertilization prior to implantation
SB 1508 Provides for the establishment of an early education school district in St. Louis County
SCR 26 Urges the United States Congress to reinstate mandatory country or origin labeling

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