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Bills Sponsored by Senator Mike Bernskoetter

SB 745 Modifies the duration of unemployment benefits based on the unemployment rate
SB 746 Modifies provisions relating to eligibility for parole
SB 747 Creates provisions relating to electric utilities
SB 843 Enacts provisions relating to payments for prescription drugs
SB 844 Requires any amount paid on behalf of a health benefit plan enrollee to count toward the enrollee's cost-sharing
SB 845 Modifies provisions relating to unemployment benefits
SB 934 Modifies provisions relating to commissioners of the Public Service Commission
SB 935 Reduces workers' compensation benefits under certain circumstances based upon marijuana usage
SB 936 Creates provisions relating to a post-consumer paint recycling program
SB 1015 Modifies the application process for Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation special license plates
SB 1016 Specifies that the educational seminar required for licensure as a used motor vehicle dealer shall be available online or in person
SB 1017 Repeals chapter 291, regulating industrial inspections by the Director of the Inspection Section
SB 1281 Creates provisions relating to invasive plants
SB 1282 Modifies provisions relating to the headquarters of the land survey program
SB 1283 Modifies provisions relating to sewage regulation
SB 1286 Modifies provisions relating to time and salary limitations on working after retirement for members of the Public School Retirement System and the Public Education Employee Retirement System
SB 1340 Modifies provisions relating to emergency medical services
SB 1430 Creates provisions regulating the manufacture of ice
SB 1431 Establishes entertainment districts for certain counties

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