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Bills Sponsored by Senator Nick Schroer

SB 808 Modifies provisions relating to the operation of certain law enforcement agencies
SB 809 Modifies provisions relating to advanced practice registered nurses
SB 810 Modifies provisions relating to eligible MO HealthNet providers
SB 901 Creates the offense of aggravated fleeing a stop or detention of a motor vehicle
SB 902 Creates and modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education
SB 903 Modifies provisions relating to settlement demands to liability insurers
SB 983 Enacts provisions relating to prior authorization of health care services
SB 984 Creates the "Intoxicating Cannabinoid Control Act"
SB 985 Enacts provisions regarding deed restrictions, covenants, or similar agreements running with the land prohibiting ownership or pasturing of chickens
SB 1057 Modifies provisions relating to youth employment
SB 1058 Designates May 6th of every year as the "Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Appreciation Day" in Missouri
SB 1059 Establishes the Missouri Education Intervention Task Force
SB 1114 Provides that transportation network companies shall not be held vicariously liable based on reasons specified in the act, provided certain conditions are met
SB 1115 Modifies provisions relating to criminal laws
SB 1116 Establishes the Missouri Statewide Mechanical Contractors Licensing Act
SB 1165 Modifies provisions relating to marijuana
SB 1166 Modifies provisions relating to the carrying of firearms on public transit systems
SB 1267 Modifies the definition of "earnable compensation" as used by the Police Retirement System of St. Louis
SB 1268 Creates new provision relating to joint employers
SB 1269 Prohibits the use of automated red light enforcement systems
SB 1270 Modifies procedures for getting initiative and referendum petitions on the ballot
SB 1271 Creates provisions relating to informants in criminal proceedings
SB 1272 Modifies provisions relating to providing explicit sexual material to a student
SB 1273 Modifies provisions relating to employer liability when prohibiting firearms
SB 1274 Establishes provisions relating to physical privacy of children
SB 1285 Modifies provisions relating to food product labeling
SB 1303 Directs the Department of Transportation to erect and maintain signs designating the Ozark Highlands Region
SB 1304 Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicle financial responsibility
SB 1329 Establishes provisions relating to the licensure of naturopathic physicians
SB 1330 Establishes a cause of action against libraries for furnishing or allowing access of pornographic materials to minors
SB 1341 Modifies the provision relating to membership and staffing of the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
SB 1385 Creates provisions relating to health care professionals and workplace violence
SB 1390 Modifies provisions relating to workers' compensation administrative law judges
SB 1436 Exempts certain income from the earnings tax
SB 1437 Modifies provisions relating to the offense of drug trafficking
SB 1464 Designates every April 24th as "Cedric the Entertainer Day" in Missouri
SB 1465 Designates every August 19th as "Eddie Gaedel Day" in Missouri
SB 1466 Creates provisions relating to land clearance for redevelopment authorities
SB 1467 Creates provisions relating to offenses involving retail establishments
SB 1496 Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SCR 23 Disapproves and suspends the final order of rule making for the proposed amendment to 5 CSR 20-100.230 regarding the Virtual Instruction Program
SCR 34 Designates every April 24th as "Cedric the Entertainer Day" in Missouri
SCR 35 Urges the United States Congress to swiftly reauthorize and update the RECA
SJR 72 Creates provisions relating to law enforcement agencies
SJR 73 Modifies procedures for ballot measures submitted to the voters
HB 1692 Modifies provisions relating to offenses involving arrests, stops, and detentions
HB 1713 Modifies provisions relating to income tax deductions for members of the armed forces
HB 1749 Modifies procedures for getting initiative and referendum petitions on the ballot
HB 2430 Modifies provisions relating to the assessment of personal property

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