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Bills Sponsored by Senator Karla Eslinger

SB 778 Establishes provisions relating to licensure of dentists and dental hygienists, including license reciprocity and the Dental and Dental Hygienist Compact
SB 779 Creates a human trafficking task force
SB 780 Modifies provisions relating to student enrollment in the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program
SB 871 Modifies provisions relating to state funding for early childhood education programs
SB 872 Modifies an income tax deduction for certain federal grant money
SB 873 Modifies provisions relating to hospital designations
SB 954 Enacts provisions relating to manufactured housing
SB 955 Establishes provisions relating to teacher recruitment and retention and creates the "Teacher Baseline Salary Grant Program" and the "Teacher Recruitment and Retention State Scholarship Program"
SB 956 Provides that the practice of optometry shall include the use of injectable agents and surgical procedures for certain purposes
SB 1030 Modifies the licensure requirements for physicians and surgeons, including training requirements
SB 1031 Establishes a statutory cause of action for public nuisances
SB 1032 Requires public schools to develop cardiac emergency response plans
SB 1090 Modifies provisions related to net metering
SB 1091 Modifies provisions relating to sales taxes
SB 1092 Establishes provisions requiring liability insurance and prevention policies of childhood sexual abuse for child care providers and modifies civil actions for childhood sexual abuse
SB 1144 Designates the last Saturday of April of each year as "Emmett Kelly Day" in Missouri
SB 1145 Modifies provisions of law relating to custody of in vitro human embryos
SB 1146 Modifies provisions relating to self-defense
SB 1189 Modifies provisions relating to prosecuting attorneys, including classification as state employees and the transfer of the Prosecuting Attorneys and Circuit Attorneys' Retirement System to the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
SB 1190 Enacts provisions relating to cost-sharing under health benefit plans
SB 1375 Modifies provisions relating to student enrollment in the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program
SB 1406 Creates provisions relating to hospitals with emergency departments
SB 1433 Modifies definition of "farm products" as it applies to secured transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code
SJR 64 Establishes crime victims' rights to a civil action with the same time limitations as the criminal action

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