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Bills Sponsored by Senator Jason Bean

SB 781 Creates a county option to enact "right-to-work" laws
SB 782 Creates provisions relating to water exportation outside the state
SB 783 Modifies provisions relating to self-defense
SB 874 Repeals provisions relating to hemp extract for the treatment of intractable epilepsy
SB 875 Modifies provisions relating to background checks for certain applicants of agencies, boards, and commissions
SB 876 Authorizes a tax credit for certain railroad infrastructure investments
SB 957 Establishes the Education Stabilization Fund
SB 958 Modifies provisions relating to agricultural tax credits
SB 1262 Creates provisions relating to condemnation of land by certain utilities
SB 1297 Provides that the State Board of Education shall be responsible for handling appeals of decisions made by statewide activities associations
SB 1298 Modifies provisions relating to cotton trailers
SB 1299 Specifies that drivers shall stop at railroad crossings for "any on-track equipment" in addition to trains
SB 1300 Modifies provisions relating to transportation
SB 1301 Modifies the Missouri Works program
SB 1306 Exempts certain farm vehicles from emissions inspection requirements
SB 1483 Modifies provisions relating to the expenditure of moneys in certain funds by the Department of Natural Resources

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