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Bills Sponsored by Senator Rick Brattin

SB 769 Modifies provisions relating to solid waste disposal area permits
SB 770 Establishes provisions regarding elementary and secondary education
SB 771 Modifies provisions relating to self-defense
SB 865 Modifies provisions regarding foreign ownership of property
SB 866 Creates and modifies provisions relating to legal tender
SB 867 Authorizes a tax credit for certain educational expenses
SB 948 Modifies provisions relating to penalties for officers of political subdivisions
SB 949 Creates the offense of engaging in an adult cabaret performance
SB 950 Modifies provisions relating to the offense of providing explicit sexual material to a student
SB 1024 Establishes provisions relating to classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation in certain grade levels
SB 1025 Modifies the process for maintaining voter registration rolls
SB 1026 Modifies provisions relating to child custody arrangements
SB 1084 Creates provisions requiring filtering of obscene websites
SB 1085 Creates new provisions relating to COVID-19 vaccination requirements
SB 1086 Modifies provisions relating to personal property taxes
SB 1138 Modifies provisions relating to illegal aliens
SB 1139 Modifies provisions relating to solid waste disposal area permits
SB 1140 Requires closed primary elections
SB 1185 Removes the expiration date on certain provisions relating to gender transition
SB 1288 Creates new provisions relating to presidential candidates
SB 1397 Creates provisions relating to firearms discrimination
SB 1420 Allows for vehicles to be registered permanently
SB 1499 Estsablishes the penalty of death for certain sexual offenses
SB 1500 Modifies the definition of commercial feed to include industrial hemp
SB 1501 Creates provisions relating to the disclosure of personal information online
SJR 59 Modifies provisions relating to the approval of constitutional amendments
SJR 60 Modifies provisions relating to the judiciary, including access to judicial records, judicial lobbying activities, and nonpartisan court plan
SJR 82 Replaces the property tax on real property with a sales tax

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