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Bills Sponsored by Senator Angela Mosley

SB 796 Modifies provisions relating to school security officers
SB 797 Modifies provisions relating to fire protection
SB 798 Creates provisions relating to oversight of Department of Corrections facilities
SB 889 Creates provisions relating to police protection
SB 890 Creates the "Missing and Murdered African American Women Task Force"
SB 891 Modifies provisions relating to extreme risk orders of protection
SB 971 Modifies provisions relating to firearms
SB 972 Modifies provisions relating to child custody
SB 973 Establishes a "Restaurant Meals Program" as part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
SB 1045 Modifies provisions relating to street light maintenance districts
SB 1046 Requires health benefit plans to cover prostheses for hair loss due to chemotherapy
SB 1047 Enacts provisions relating to insurance coverage of genetic screenings for cancer risk
SB 1102 Enacts provisions relating to insurance coverage for cancer treatment
SB 1103 Requires certain topics in Native American and African American history to be included in the seventh through twelfth grade history curriculum in public schools
SB 1104 Modifies provisions relating to special administrative boards for unaccredited school districts
SB 1153 Requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to conduct safety assessments of all public schools in the state
SB 1154 Creates the "Missouri School Meals Act"
SB 1155 Creates the CTF Medical Alert System
SB 1197 Modifies the compensation of certain state employees in positions within Missouri Veterans' Homes
SB 1198 Modifies provisions relating to automatic stays of court and administrative proceedings for members of the General Assembly
SB 1323 Enacts provisions relating to the Department of Transportation's fiber network
SB 1344 Creates new provisions relating to ethics
SB 1345 Modifies provisions relating to rejected absentee ballots
SB 1403 Establishes the Cancer Patients' Bill of Rights
SB 1432 Establishes the Black History Education and Awareness Act and designates the first week in February as Black History Week
SJR 67 Modifies provisions relating to jury trial waivers
SJR 68 Modifies provisions relating to the General Assembly
SJR 69 Modifies term limits for members of the General Assembly
SJR 84 Exempts certain disabled veterans from property taxes

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