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Bills Sponsored by Senator Travis Fitzwater

SB 799 Modifies provisions relating to motor vehicle assessments
SB 800 Modifies provisions relating to law enforcement agencies
SB 801 Modifies provisions relating to child protection
SB 892 Modifies and creates new provisions relating to electric utilities
SB 893 Creates provisions relating to foreign ownership of real estate
SB 894 Modifies provisions relating to the promotion of business development
SB 974 Requires all public school shower rooms, locker rooms, and restrooms to be designated for and used by male or female students only
SB 975 Authorizes a property tax exemption for certain property used for childcare
SB 976 Establishes provisions relating to technological education in public schools and creates the STEM Career Awareness Activity Fund
SB 1048 Modifies the powers of the state auditor
SB 1049 Establishes provisions relating to assessment of virtual school students
SB 1050 Creates new provisions relating to digital mining
SB 1105 Enacts provisions relating to payments for prescription drugs
SB 1106 Requires any amount paid on behalf of a health benefit plan enrollee to count toward the enrollee's cost-sharing
SB 1107 Ensures cloud computing capabilities on state information technology
SB 1156 Exempts certain vehicle dealers from place of business inspections
SB 1157 Provides that certain public officers removed from office by a quo warranto action shall not be entitled to public retirement benefits
SB 1158 Requires OA to establish guidelines for the removal of TikTok from state-owned IT
SB 1257 Establishes provisions relating to construction contracts
SB 1258 Modifies provisions relating to earnings tax
SB 1259 Modifies provisions relating to abuse and neglect reporting, including a requirement to report companion animal abuse
SB 1264 Modifies provisions relating to local use taxes
SB 1314 Creates new restrictions on the expenditure of funds by state departments for certain programs related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, etc
SB 1315 Modifies provisions relating to underground facilities
SB 1338 Modifies provisions relating to the sexual offender registry
SB 1365 Authorizes an income tax deduction for certain research expenses
SB 1396 Creates provisions relating to covenants not to compete involving physicians
SB 1410 Creates the position of a dementia services coordinator within the Department of Health and Senior Services
SB 1423 Creates provisions relating to a plan to reduce statewide carbon emissions
SB 1424 Establishes provisions relating to the civil and criminal liability of disclosure of intimate digital depictions
SB 1478 Modifies provisions relating to an advisory committee on motor vehicle license plates
SCR 30 Recognizes and celebrates the special relationship between the United States and Ireland
SJR 70 Modifies composition of the House of Representatives and modifies term limits
SJR 92 Creates provisions relating to the offense of sexual trafficking of a child

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