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Bills Sponsored by Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman

SB 811 Modifies provisions relating to child protection
SB 812 Establishes provisions relating to special education programs
SB 813 Modifies provisions relating to inspections of certain long-term care facilities
SB 904 Enacts provisions relating to insurance for certain uses of motor vehicles
SB 905 Modifies provisions relating to the protection of vulnerable persons
SB 906 Modifies provisions relating to the sexual exploitation of vulnerable persons
SB 986 Enacts provisions relating to payment for health care services
SB 987 Provides that parties or attorneys in a civil action with a jury shall not make reference to specific dollar amounts or ranges of awards for noneconomic damages
SB 988 Modifies provisions relating to qualified spousal trusts
SB 1060 Modifies provisions relating to tax credits
SB 1061 Creates new provisions relating to public contracts
SB 1062 Exempts the sale of food from sales tax
SB 1117 Modifies provisions relating to public safety
SB 1118 Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program
SB 1119 Authorizes sales tax exemptions for certain purchases
SB 1167 Modifies provisions related to advanced meter installations
SB 1168 Modifies provisions relating to public funding of abortion facilities and affiliates and provisions relating to MO HealthNet providers
SB 1169 Modifies provisions relating to jury instructions for the offense of murder in the first degree
SB 1203 Establishes provisions relating to transparency of school staff straining, instructional, and curricular materials
SB 1337 Creates new provisions relating to prohibiting the use of certain social media applications
SB 1440 Prohibits public and private schools and school districts from being members of any statewide athletic activities association that allows students to take testosterone or any other performance-enhancing drugs
SCR 24 Urges the U.S. Congress to offer full and unequivocal support to Israel in light of the unprovoked attacks on innocent civilians by Hamas
SCR 28 Urges the Governor to send Missouri National Guard members to the state of Texas in protection of the borders of the United States
SCR 31 Urges the Governor of Missouri to use all powers available to him to repel the invasion of all immigrants illegally present in this state to the nearest port of entry in the United States
SJR 74 Modifies provisions relating to constitutional amendments
SR 647 Modifies Senate Rule 8 regarding the absence of a quorum

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