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Bills Sponsored by Senator Greg Razer

SB 787 Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
SB 788 Creates the offense of unlawful discharge of a firearm
SB 789 Modifies provisions relating to the powers of a hospital district board of trustees
SB 880 Modifies a property tax credit for certain seniors
SB 881 Creates a child care cost-sharing pilot program
SB 882 Modifies the required school year start date for school districts in which a charter school operates
SB 962 Modifies provisions relating to earnings tax
SB 963 Creates provisions relating to telephone solicitations to businesses
SB 964 Designates August 6 of each year as "Chris Sifford Day" in Missouri
SB 1036 Modifies a tax credit relating to certain sporting events
SB 1037 Modifies provisions relating to county officers
SB 1038 Enacts provisions relating to electric motor vehicles
SB 1095 Modifies provisions relating to abortion
SB 1254 Creates provisions relating to documents for inmates prior to release from prison
SB 1255 Specifies that information concerning a person's HIV status or HIV testing may be shared with health carriers for certain purposes described under federal law
SB 1295 Modifies provisions relating to emergency medical services
SB 1388 Authorizes a sales tax exemption for certain nuclear facilities
SB 1448 Modifies the offense of unlawful possession of a firearm
SB 1449 Creates provisions relating to the transfer of a firearm

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