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Bills Sponsored by Senator Rusty Black

SB 805 Creates provisions relating to the construction of electric transmission facilities
SB 806 Modifies provisions regarding foreign ownership of agricultural land
SB 807 Modifies provisions relating to the requirement of geographic proximity in collaborative practice arrangements between physicians and registered professional nurses
SB 898 Modifies provisions relating to pensions
SB 899 Modifies provisions relating to child care provider licensing requirements for certain providers
SB 900 Modifies provisions relating to jails
SB 980 Creates new restrictions on certain business practices of entities doing business in this state related to economic boycotts and DEI initiatives
SB 981 Modifies the definition of waters of the state
SB 982 Modifies provisions relating to a hydrant inspection program
SB 1054 Modifies the membership requirements for the State Fair Commission
SB 1055 Establishes the Designated Health Care Decision-Maker Act, which authorizes certain persons to make health care decisions for certain incapacitated persons
SB 1056 Increases the maximum gross income for eligibility for the Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant
SB 1111 Modifies provisions relating to the regulation of child care
SB 1112 Modifies provisions relating to state funds for regional planning commissions
SB 1113 Modifies provisions relating to fiduciary duties for investments of public employee retirement systems
SB 1162 Modifies provisions relating to the inhalation of substances
SB 1163 Establishes provisions relating to teacher recruitment and retention and creates the "Teacher Baseline Salary Grant Program" and the "Teacher Recruitment and Retention State Scholarship Program"
SB 1164 Establishes the Education Stabilization Fund
SB 1202 Authorizes a tax credit for contributions to certain benevolent organizations
SB 1247 Creates provisions relating to electric utilities
SB 1249 Prohibits health carriers from using reimbursement methods that charge a fee to health care providers
SB 1275 Creates provisions relating to the Missouri task force on nonprofit safety and security
SB 1277 Modifies the State Advisory Council on Emergency Medical Services
SB 1370 Modifies a provision relating to the establishment of treatment courts by providing for a mental health treatment court
SB 1371 Repeals and modifies provisions relating to the duties of the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development
SB 1401 Provides that the Commissioner of Administration shall request a certain amount of the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System employer contribution rate for certain state colleges and universities
SB 1415 Modifies provisions relating to election judges
SB 1421 Modifies the total cost of living adjustments for members of the Public School Retirement System and the Public Education Employee Retirement System
SB 1422 Modifies certain provisions relating to deferrals by electrical corporations
SB 1506 Modifies provisions relating to the Career Ladder program
SJR 71 Provides for the levying of certain costs and fees to support the salaries and benefits of sheriffs, prosecuting attorneys, and circuit attorneys
HB 1494 Establishes the "Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act"
HB 1495 Requires the Missouri Veterans Commission recommend and implement efforts to prevent veteran suicide
HB 1496 Establishes the "Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Freedom's Sentinel, and Operation Allies Refuge Program", which provides recognition medals for certain veterans
HB 1626 Increases the age at which certain requirements apply to school bus drivers
HB 2431 Modifies provisions relating to public employee retirement systems
HB 2626 Modifies MO HealthNet coverage of hearing instruments
HB 2874 Establishes the "Protecting Missouri's Small Businesses Act"

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