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Bills Sponsored by Senator Doug Beck

SB 784 Establishes provisions relating to the minimum school term
SB 785 Modifies the Missouri Works program
SB 786 Modifies provisions relating to foreign ownership of agricultural land
SB 877 Modifies the retirement allowance multiplier for certain members of the Public School Retirement System of Missouri
SB 878 Modifies provisions relating to child custody in paternity actions
SB 879 Creates provisions relating to fire protection services
SB 959 Establishes provisions relating to charter school management
SB 960 Modifies provisions regarding the safekeeping of personal information
SB 1033 Modifies provisions relating to unlawful possession of firearms
SB 1034 Modifies provisions relating to firearms
SB 1035 Enacts provisions relating to payments for prescription drugs
SB 1093 Enacts provisions requiring railroad trains or light engines operated in connection with carrying freight to have at least two qualified crew members
SB 1094 Enacts provisions relating to operation of trains carrying hazardous materials
SB 1305 Creates new provisions relating to age verification on dating sites
SB 1419 Repeals and creates new provisions relating to the members of the Clean Water Commission
SB 1498 Establishes the Missouri Statewide Mechanical Contractors Licensing Act
SR 627 Recognizes the birth of Murphy Douglas Beck

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