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Bills Sponsored by Senator Andrew Koenig

SB 727 Modifies provisions of the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program and authorizes charter schools to operate in Boone County, St. Charles County, and St. Louis County
SB 728 Creates provisions relating to public elementary and secondary school students
SB 729 Authorizes a tax credit for certain educational expenses
SB 826 Creates new provisions relating to central bank digital currency
SB 827 Creates new provisions relating to social objective scoring standards
SB 828 Allows an income tax deduction for certain law enforcement officers
SB 919 Modifies provisions relating to certain improvement districts
SB 920 Provides that charter schools may be operated in Boone County and St. Louis County
SB 921 Modifies provisions relating to student enrollment in the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program
SB 1001 Modifies provisions relating to property taxes
SB 1002 Prohibits school districts and charter schools from requiring students to wear face masks or be immunized against COVID-19
SB 1003 Modifies requirements for ballot measure circulators
SB 1075 Modifies provisions of the Higher Education Core Curriculum Transfer Act
SB 1076 Creates new provisions relating to the treatment of summary statements prepared by the General Assembly for ballot measures
SB 1077 Prohibits contracts with the state for employers providing assistance to employees for the purpose of having an abortion
SB 1132 Modifies provisions relating to earnings taxes
SB 1133 Modifies provisions relating to child placement
SB 1134 Modifies provisions relating to ethics
SB 1179 Modifies provisions relating to benevolent tax credits
SB 1180 Modifies a sales tax exemption for the sale of certain medical devices
SB 1181 Establishes provisions relating to discussion of certain concepts in public schools
SB 1208 Provides that the State Board of Education shall cause its annual report to be published on the website of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
SB 1250 Modifies provisions relating to the taxation of pass-through entities
SB 1302 Creates new provisions relating to prohibited investments for public funds
SB 1331 Creates the offense of improper entry by an alien
SJR 49 Modifies process for ballot measures
SJR 50 Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SJR 87 Creates provisions relating to abortion and assistance to pregnant women and families

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