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Bills Sponsored by Senator Steven Roberts

SB 790 Creates the offense of unlawful possession of a firearm by a minor
SB 791 Modifies provisions relating to homelessness
SB 792 Establishes the Revitalizing Missouri Downtowns and Main Streets Act
SB 883 Creates provisions relating to compensation for wrongful convictions
SB 884 Modifies provisions relating to facilities of historic significance
SB 885 Modifies provisions relating to school board elections in urban and metropolitan school districts
SB 965 Authorizes a sales tax for special educational services
SB 966 Authorizes a property tax for special educational services
SB 967 Modifies the calculation of weighted average daily attendance used to calculate state aid for school districts
SB 1039 Creates the Missouri Geospatial Advisory Council
SB 1040 Modifies provisions relating to legal representation for certain court proceedings involving children
SB 1041 Modifies provisions relating to benevolent tax credits
SB 1096 Establishes provisions relating to alternative dispute resolution
SB 1097 Creates certificates of exemplary conduct and good moral character issued by circuit courts
SB 1098 Creates provisions relating to inmate phone call fees
SB 1147 Modifies provisions relating to parole eligibility
SB 1148 Repeals provisions relating to the caseload of public defenders
SB 1149 Modifies provisions relating to delinquent property taxes
SB 1191 Modifies provisions relating to the offense of unlawful use of weapons
SB 1192 Creates provisions relating to grants for nonprofit organizations at risk for terrorist attacks
SB 1193 Enacts new law relating to wage range inquiries by employees and prospective employees
SB 1215 Modifies the practice of dentistry to include the prescription and administration of vaccines
SB 1263 Modifies eligibility for appropriations from the Waterways and Ports Trust Fund
SB 1332 Modifies the Board of Trustees of the Public School Retirement System of the City of St. Louis
SB 1333 Modifies provisions relating to good time credit for time served
SB 1404 Allows the Board of Trustees of the Firemen's Retirement System of St. Louis to act as trustees and adminster other pension plans
SB 1405 Modifies provisions relating to compensation for assisting or advising in veteran benefits matters
SB 1439 Modifies provisions relating to detached catalytic converters

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