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SB 860-Hegeman
    Modifies provisions relating to the low-income housing tax credit

SB 861-Onder
    Modifies provisions relating to elections

SB 862-Onder
    Modifies provisions relating to initiative and referendum petitions

SB 863-Onder
    Modifies provisions relating to worker classification

SB 864-Hoskins
    Modifies the membership of the Missouri Housing Development Commission

SB 865-Hoskins
    Modifies the membership of the Missouri Development Finance Board

SB 866-Hoskins
    Extends the sunset of tax credits for agricultural production

SB 867-Koenig
    Establishes the Missouri Statewide Mechanical Contractor Licensing Act

SB 868-Koenig
    Modifies provisions relating to tax credits

SB 869-Koenig
    Modifies the calculation of the amount a school district with one or more pupils attending a charter school shall pay to the charter school

SB 870-Eigel
    Eliminates the bottom two income tax brackets

SB 871-Eigel
    Modifies provisions relating to income tax exemptions for certain retirement benefits

SB 872-Eigel
    Provides for the redaction of personal identifying information of minors and next friends from public court automation systems

SB 873-Arthur
    Allows for an income tax deduction for educator expenses

SB 874-Arthur
    Allows school districts to remove certain property from tax increment financing districts

SB 875-Arthur
    Modifies provisions relating to absentee voting

SB 876-Bernskoetter
    Creates new provisions requiring employers to make an automation adjustment payments

SB 877-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to business entities registered with the secretary of state

SB 878-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to the offense of tampering with electronic monitoring equipment

SB 879-Burlison
    Establishes disclosure procedures for a claimant in an action for damages due to asbestos exposure

SB 880-Burlison
    Creates new provisions relating to labor organizations

SB 881-Burlison
    Authorizes a sales tax exemption for the purchase of certain solar energy systems

SB 882-White
    Modifies provisions relating to military affairs

SB 883-White
    Modifies provisions relating to the procurement of bonds or insurance policies from State Legal Expense Fund

SB 884-White
    Modifies provisions relating to firearms

SB 885-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to the sale of property to satisfy liens on stored property

SB 886-Luetkemeyer
    Modifies provisions relating to trust interpretation and trust decanting

SB 887-Brattin
    Modifies provisions relating to voter registration

SB 888-Brattin
    Creates provisions relating to bail

SB 889-Brattin
    Modifies provisions relating to county auditors

SB 890-Moon
    Repeals the certificate of need law

SB 891-Moon
    Creates provisions relating to the recall of local officials

SB 892-Moon
    Modifies provisions relating to taxation

SB 893-Beck
    Increases the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2026

SB 894-Beck
    Modifies provisions relating to the unlawful possession of firearms

SB 895-Beck
    Modifies provisions relating the offenses of unlawful transfer of weapons and the unlawful possession of firearms

SB 896-Washington
    Modifies provisions relating to probation and parole for certain offenders

SB 897-Washington
    Authorizes a sales tax exemption for feminine hygiene products

SB 898-Washington
    Allows a museum property tax levy to be used for certain museums

SB 899-Mosley
    Creates provisions relating to the "Office of State Ombudsman for Inmates in the Custody of the Department of Corrections"

SB 900-Mosley
    Modifies provisions relating to rejected absentee ballots

SB 901-Mosley
    Modifies provisions relating to county commission district political party committees

SB 902-Onder
    Increases the amount of the personal income tax cut and the business income deduction in current law

SB 903-Onder
    Designates the first full week of May each year as "Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week" in Missouri

SB 904-Hoskins
    Modifies provisions relating to professional employer organizations

SB 905-Hoskins
    Establishes the Missouri Rural Workforce Development Act

SB 906-Hoskins
    Modifies provisions relating to gaming

SB 907-Koenig
    Modifies provisions governing primary elections

SB 908-Koenig
    Modifies provisions relating to certain special taxing districts

SB 909-Koenig
    Creates provisions regarding the use of online platforms by health care contractors

SB 910-Eigel
    Creates provisions relating to processed recycled asphalt shingles

SB 911-Eigel
    Requires political subdivisions to revise property tax levies as a result of receiving American Rescue Plan funds

SB 912-Eigel
    Caps rate increases for long-term care insurance policies at the lesser of the consumer price index or five percent, measured annually

SB 913-Arthur
    Expands the requirement for children to wear personal flotation devices

SB 914-Arthur
    Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri housing trust fund

SB 915-Arthur
    Prohibits certain mental health professionals from engaging in conversion therapy with minors

SB 916-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to exempt child care facilities

SB 917-Burlison
    Modifies the registration and licensing requirements for advanced practice registered nurses

SB 918-Burlison
    Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Natural Resources

SB 919-Burlison
    Creates the offense of mail theft

SB 920-White
    Modifies provisions relating to employee liability under workers' compensation laws

SB 921-White and Eslinger
    Enacts provisions relating to payments for prescription drugs

SB 922-White
    Regulates the sale of dietary supplements in Missouri

SB 923-Brattin
    Requires internet service providers to authenticate access to obscene websites and provide subscribers the ability to create an authentication to access such websites

SB 924-Beck
    Modifies provisions governing project labor agreements

SB 925-Beck
    Creates new provisions governing reciprocal resident bidding

SB 926-Mosley
    Creates new provisions relating to ethics

SB 927-Mosley
    Designates every December 3rd as "Betty L. Thompson Day" in Missouri

SB 928-Mosley
    Creates new provisions relating to reapportionment within political subdivisions

SB 929-Koenig
    Requires licensing authorities to issue an exemption from continuing education requirements under certain circumstances

SB 930-Koenig
    Modifies provisions regarding the Missouri Sunshine Law

SB 931-Koenig
    Modifies provisions relating to corporations

SB 932-Eigel
    Creates the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Fund

SB 933-Eigel
    Prohibits Medicaid payments to health care providers for services for non-Missouri residents

SB 934-Arthur
    Prohibits employers or prospective employers from inquiring into an employee or prospective employee's salary history

SB 935-Arthur
    Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet eligibility

SB 936-Arthur
    Modifies provisions relating to the unlawful possession of firearms

SB 937-White
    Modifies provisions relating to change of venue for felonies and misdemeanors

SB 938-White
    Modifies provisions regarding licensing of assistant physicians

SB 939-White
    Modifies provisions relating to background checks for medical marijuana facilities

SB 940-Mosley
    Modifies provisions relating to the transfer of appeals

SB 941-Mosley
    Modifies the compensation of certain state employees in positions within Missouri Veterans' Homes

SB 942-Mosley
    Creates provisions related to the statewide licensing of home improvement contractors and salespersons

SB 943-Koenig
    Provides a sales tax exemption for the sale of certain medical devices

SB 944-Koenig
    Modifies provisions relating to the classification of certain property

SB 945-Koenig
    Modifies the definition of "sale at retail" for the purposes of sales taxes on certain purchases of utilities

SB 946-White
    Creates the minutemen of the state

SB 947-White
    Enacts provisions relating to prior authorization of health care services

SB 948-White
    Modifies provisions relating to terms of probation

SB 949-Mosley
    Requires boards of election commissioners to establish seven wards for the purpose of electing directors in certain school districts

SB 950-Mosley
    Requires certain topics in Native American and African American history to be included in the seventh through twelfth grade history curriculum in public schools

SB 951-Mosley
    Modifies provisions relating to special administrative boards

SB 952-White
    Modifies provisions relating to manufactured housing

SB 953-White
    Modifies the civil penalty for violating federally mandated natural gas safety standards

SB 954-Mosley
    Creates new provisions relating to reapportionment and redistricting in certain political subdivisions

SB 955-Mosley
    Modifies provisions relating to the powers of arrest

SB 956-Moon
    Prohibits the enforcement of any federal regulation by a state department or agency until the enforcement is approved by the General Assembly

SB 957-Bean
    Establishes the "Workforce Diploma Program" to assist students in obtaining a high school diploma and in developing employability and career and technical skills

SB 958-Bean
    Modifies provisions relating to transportation of school children

SB 959-Beck
    Specifies additional circumstances under which a patient shall be granted an exception to a step therapy protocol required by a health carrier for coverage of a prescription drug

SB 960-Beck
    Establishes the Show MO Act

SB 961-Beck
    Establishes the "Entertainment Industry Jobs Act"

SB 962-Luetkemeyer
    Requires publication of a cost estimate and project completion date for any work on the state highway system at the time bids for a contract on the work first closes

SB 963-Brown
    Creates new provisions requiring the disclosure of information pertaining to certain commercial financing products

SB 964-Brown and Eslinger
    Modifies provisions relating to conditional release

SB 965-Roberts
    Modifies the practice of dentistry to include the prescription and administration of vaccines

SB 966-Hough
    Authorizes certain fire protection districts and ambulance districts to propose a 1.0% sales tax

SB 967-Hough
    Requires motor vehicle dealers to collect and remit sales taxes on sales of motor vehicles

SB 968-Burlison
    Modifies provisions relating to charitable organizations

SB 969-Burlison
    Modifies provisions relating to construction costs for certain new electric generation facilities

SB 970-Eslinger
    Modifies provisions relating to qualifications for fire protection employees

SB 971-Brown
    Creates the Missouri Motor Vehicle Commission, and transfers to it responsibility for licensing and regulating vehicle dealers

SB 972-Schupp
    Modifies provisions relating to the operation of motor vehicles while using electronic devices

SB 973-Schupp
    Establishes the "Truth in Medicine Act"

SB 974-Schupp
    Modifies provisions governing traditional installment loan lenders

SB 975-Burlison
    Modifies provisions relating to the admissibility of evidence of collateral source payments

SB 976-Hough
    Modifies provisions relating to ambulance districts

SB 977-Eslinger
    Creates provisions allowing the division of seven-director school districts and urban school districts into subdistricts

SB 978-Eslinger
    Modifies provisions relating to audiology and speech-language pathology

SB 979-Beck
    Creates provisions relating to animal research at colleges and universities

SB 980-Beck
    Modifies provisions relating to the offense of animal abuse

SB 981-Hoskins
    Modifies provisions relating to grants to expand broadband internet access in unserved and underserved areas

SB 982-Hoskins
    Transfers authority over child care facility licensing and subsidies to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

SB 983-Williams
    Modifies provisions relating to Holocaust education

SB 984-Hegeman
    Creates provisions relating to flood resiliency

SB 985-Thompson Rehder
    Limits claims brought by political subdivisions against certain entities who are parties to a statewide opioid settlement agreement

SB 986-Bean
    Modifies provisions relating to tax credits

SB 987-Bean
    Modifies provisions relating to excursion gambling boat facilities

SB 988-Cierpiot
    Requires unspent school district bond proceeds to be transferred to the district's debt service fund

SB 989-Cierpiot
    Modifies provisions relating to assessments against public utilities

SB 990-Cierpiot
    Creates provisions relating to pole replacements for certain broadband facilities

SB 991-Hough
    Creates provisions relating to the certification of certain x-ray technicians

SB 992-Beck
    Creates provisions relating to attorney's fees for certain civil actions brought against political subdivisions

SB 993-Eslinger
    Authorizes the Missouri Dental Board to approve pilot projects to extend care to under-served populations

SB 994-Washington
    Creates new provisions prohibiting discrimination based on hairstyles

SB 995-Washington
    Modifies provisions relating to parole eligibility

SB 996-Bernskoetter
    Modifies the administration of the State Personnel Law by eliminating the Personnel Advisory Board

SB 997-Bernskoetter
    Modifies the pay period for state employees

SB 999-Gannon
    Modifies provisions regarding employment of retired education personnel by school districts

SB 1000-Gannon
    Requires a surgical smoke plume evacuation policy for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers

SB 1001-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions regarding licensing of land surveyors

SB 1002-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions regarding licensing reciprocity for physicians

SB 1003-Bernskoetter
    Creates provisions relating to incumbent electric transmission owners

SB 1004-Bernskoetter
    Modifies the composition of the Industrial Minerals Advisory Council

SB 1005-Bernskoetter
    Establishes the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act

SB 1006-Bernskoetter
    Modifies the compensation of jurors for certain counties

SB 1007-Eigel
    Creates provisions relating to reorganized common sewer districts

SB 1008-O'Laughlin
    Modifies provisions relating to preneed contracts

SB 1009-O'Laughlin
    Provides for school innovation waivers to exempt schools from specific requirements imposed by statute or regulation

SB 1010-O'Laughlin
    Allows the enrollment of nonresident students in public school districts

SB 1011-O'Laughlin
    Requires registration with the Department of Health and Senior Services for supplemental health care services agencies

SB 1012-Eigel
    Modifies provisions relating to the funding of police departments

SB 1013-Roberts
    Modifies the Show-Me Heroes Program to provide for grants for veteran apprenticeship training programs

SB 1014-Cierpiot
    Modifies provisions relating to the assessment of solar energy property

SB 1015-Hough
    Modifies provisions relating to vehicle sales tax

SB 1016-Roberts
    Modifies provisions relating to the offense of unlawful use of weapons

SB 1017-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to the renaming and reorganization of certain state agencies

SB 1018-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to condemnation proceedings

SB 1019-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to the reimbursement to counties for change of venue costs

SB 1020-Brown
    Modifies provisions related to emergency health care services

SB 1021-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet managed care reimbursement

SB 1022-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to off-premise sales by motor vehicle dealers

SB 1023-Gannon
    Modifies provisions regarding the supervision of adult offenders on probation or parole from other states

SB 1024-Gannon
    Modifies the definition of "health carrier" to include prepaid dental plans for purposes of practitioner credentialing

SB 1025-Bernskoetter
    Modifies and creates provisions relating to offenses involving fleeing from arrest

SB 1026-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri state plane coordinate system

SB 1027-Moon
    Modifies provisions relating to searches and seizures

SB 1028-Moon
    Provides a cause of action against a public body that causes economic detriment to a person for misapplication or unequal enforcement of the law

SB 1029-White
    Modifies provisions relating to health care facility inspections and other oversight by the Department of Health and Senior Services

SB 1030-Bean
    Modifies provisions relating to the soybean producers assessment

SB 1031-Beck
    Enacts provisions relating to cost-sharing under health benefit plans

SB 1032-Hegeman
    Modifies the Opioid Addiction Treatment and Recovery Fund

SB 1033-Rizzo
    Modifies provisions relating to the unlawful possession of firearms

SB 1034-Eigel
    Creates provisions relating to bonded indebtedness of school districts

SB 1035-Moon
    Creates provisions relating to hunting permits

SB 1036-Moon
    Modifies provisions relating to the compensation of county officials

SB 1037-Thompson Rehder
    Modifies provisions relating to naltrexone hydrochloride

SB 1038-Brown
    Permits vehicle platooning on Missouri roads

SB 1039-Arthur
    Modifies provisions relating to funding for the office of the public defender

SB 1040-Burlison
    Creates procedures for the appointment of commissioners to a convention called under Article V of the U.S. Constitution

SB 1041-Razer
    Modifies provisions relating to earnings tax

SB 1042-Crawford
    Enacts provisions relating to electronic delivery of insurance documents or notices

SB 1043-Gannon
    Authorizes the Department of Natural Resources to convey certain state property located in Iron County to the State Highways and Transportation Commission

SB 1044-Koenig
    Establishes provisions relating to moratoriums on eviction proceedings

SB 1045-Schupp
    Transfers implementation authority of the federal Older Americans Act to the Department of Health and Senior Services

SB 1046-Hegeman
    Authorizes sports wagering

SB 1047-Brattin
    Modifies provisions relating to legislative authority concerning infectious, contagious, communicable, or dangerous diseases

SB 1048-Brattin
    Creates provisions relating to contracts between public entities and companies who discriminate against firearms manufacturers

SB 1049-Brattin
    Modifies process for municipal elections

SB 1050-Brattin
    Requires video cameras on certain elementary and secondary school buses

SB 1051-Brattin
    Enacts provisions relating earned school credit in out-of-classroom learning experiences

SB 1052-Bean
    Modifies provisions relating to adult high schools

SB 1053-Bernskoetter
    Modifies terms of active employee members of the Board of Trustees of Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System

SB 1054-Bernskoetter
    Modifies provisions relating to the funding of the Sheriffs' Retirement System

SB 1055-Arthur
    Modifies provisions relating to dual credit and dual enrollment courses

SB 1056-Williams
    Modifies provisions relating to wrongful convictions

SB 1057-May
    This act establishes a mental health awareness training requirement for high school pupils in public schools and charter schools

SB 1058-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to the practice of veterinary medicine

SB 1059-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to peer review committees

SB 1060-Brown
    Authorizes the city of Rolla to propose a sales tax for public safety

SB 1061-Luetkemeyer
    Authorizes sports wagering

SB 1062-Crawford
    Allows terminated vested members of certain state retirement systems to elect a lump sum payment of retirement benefits

SB 1063-Crawford
    Extends the sunset on the rolling stock tax credit

SB 1064-Cierpiot
    Creates new unlawful employment practices

SB 1065-Hoskins
    Modifies various provisions relating to elections

SB 1066-Hoskins
    Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Economic Development

SB 1067-Hoskins
    Reduces the net general revenue collection threshold for income tax rate reductions

SB 1068-Hoskins
    Establishes the Regulatory Sandbox Act

SB 1069-Hoskins
    Creates provisions relating to the use of refrigerants

SB 1070-Brown
    Modifies provisions relating to the right of sepulcher and the death registration process

SB 1071-Razer
    Authorizes and directs the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to transfer land to political subdivisions under certain circumstances

SB 1072-Eslinger
    Modifies the Missouri one start program

SB 1073-Burlison
    Creates provisions relating to the electric grid

SB 1074-Hegeman
    Prohibits political subdivisions from using federal funds for the construction of retail broadband internet infrastructure in certain circumstances

SB 1075-Schupp
    Relating to drinking water in schools

SB 1076-Arthur
    Relating to literacy and reading instruction

SB 1077-Eslinger
    Relating to funding allocation for post-secondarily education institutions

SB 1078-Razer
    Relating to the office of the governor

SB 1079-Roberts
    Relating to the legal minimum standard for valuation of insurance policies and contracts

SB 1080-Bean
    Relating to workforce development investments of public utilities

SB 1081-Hegeman
    Relating to applicants for grants to expand broadband internet access in unserved and underserved areas of the state

SB 1082-Rowden
    Relating to sponsorship funding due to the Missouri charter public school commission

SJR 47-Moon
    Prohibits laws or public policies infringing on the right of individuals to refuse medical procedures or treatments

SJR 48-Moon
    Recognizes that unborn children have equal protection of the laws, prohibits abortion, and prohibits public funding of abortion


1. SB 672-Hough, with SCS
    Modifies provisions relating to the Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant program

2. SJR 33-Koenig
    Modifies provisions relating to taxation

3. SB 649-Eigel, with SCS
    Reduces the assessment percentage of personal property

4. SB 678-Luetkemeyer
    Modifies provisions relating to funding for the Kansas City Police Department

5. SJR 38-Luetkemeyer
    Modifies constitutional provisions relating to funding for the Kansas City Police Department

6. SB 631-Hegeman, with SCS
    Modifies the statute of limitations for personal injury claims from five years to two years



SR 435-Schatz
    Modifies Senate rules 70 and 88

SR 448-Eigel
    Amends Senate Rule 50

SR 453-Eigel
    Amends Senate Rule 50

SR 466-Eigel
    Amends Senate Rule 10

SR 467-Eigel
    Amends Senate Rule 28

SR 468-Hoskins
    Amends Senate Rule 50

SR 469-Hoskins
    Amends Senate Rule 50

SR 472-White
    Amends Senate Rule 96

HCR 52-Plocher (Rowden)
    Convenes a joint session to receive a message from the Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court