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Bills Sponsored by Senator Eigel

SB 649 - Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SB 650 - Modifies provisions related to charter schools
SB 651 - Creates new provisions prohibiting vaccination mandates imposed by employers
SB 738 - Modifies various provisions relating to elections
SB 739 - Reduces the top rate of income tax
SB 740 - Modifies and creates provisions regarding elementary and secondary education
SB 811 - Repeals a portion of the tax on motor fuel, and the exemption and refund process applicable to that portion
SB 812 - Modifies provisions relating to elections
SB 813 - Exempts certain counties from the motor vehicle emissions inspection program established by the Air Conservation Commission
SB 870 - Eliminates the bottom two income tax brackets
SB 871 - Modifies provisions relating to income tax exemptions for certain retirement benefits
SB 872 - Provides for the redaction of personal identifying information of minors and next friends from public court automation systems
SB 910 - Creates provisions relating to processed recycled asphalt shingles
SB 911 - Requires political subdivisions to revise property tax levies as a result of receiving American Rescue Plan funds
SB 912 - Caps rate increases for long-term care insurance policies at the lesser of the consumer price index or five percent, measured annually
SB 932 - Creates the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Fund
SB 933 - Prohibits Medicaid payments to health care providers for services for non-Missouri residents
SB 1007 - Creates provisions relating to reorganized common sewer districts
SB 1012 - Modifies provisions relating to the funding of police departments
SB 1034 - Creates provisions relating to bonded indebtedness of school districts
SB 1164 - Modifies provisions relating to solid waste management
SB 1204 - Modifies provisions regarding the offense of sexual exploitation by a clergyperson
SCR 32 - Strongly urges the U.S. Congress to propose the State Powers Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
SJR 34 - Prohibits expenditures of public funds to any person or facility, or affiliate of such, performing or inducing an abortion
SJR 35 - Creates the Missouri Department of the National Guard
SJR 50 - Prohibits laws or public policies infringing on the right of individuals to refuse medical procedures or treatments
SR 448 - Amends Senate Rule 50
SR 453 - Amends Senate Rule 50
SR 466 - Amends Senate Rule 10
SR 467 - Amends Senate Rule 28

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