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Bills Sponsored by Senator Brattin

SB 693 - Modifies provisions relating to COVID-19 vaccines
SB 694 - Creates provisions related to public school curriculum and instruction
SB 695 - Modifies various provisions relating to elections
SB 776 - Enacts the "Parents' Bill of Rights Act of 2022"
SB 777 - Modifies provisions relating to the administration of unemployment benefits
SB 778 - Prohibits abortions following the detection of a fetal heartbeat and adds a private cause of action
SB 839 - Modifies provisions relating to child custody arrangements
SB 840 - Authorizes the General Assembly and the Attorney General to review and prohibit implementation of certain federal actions in this state
SB 841 - Establishes the Education Savings Account Program
SB 887 - Modifies provisions relating to voter registration
SB 888 - Creates provisions relating to bail
SB 889 - Modifies provisions relating to county auditors
SB 923 - Requires internet service providers to authenticate access to obscene websites and provide subscribers the ability to create an authentication to access such websites
SB 1047 - Modifies provisions relating to legislative authority concerning infectious, contagious, communicable, or dangerous diseases
SB 1048 - Creates provisions relating to contracts between public entities and companies who discriminate against firearms manufacturers
SB 1049 - Modifies process for municipal elections
SB 1050 - Requires video cameras on certain elementary and secondary school buses
SB 1051 - Enacts provisions relating earned school credit in out-of-classroom learning experiences
SB 1102 - Exempts sales of firearms and ammunition from state and local sales taxes
SB 1103 - Prohibits public financial benefits to abortion facilities and their affiliates or associates
SB 1104 - Modifies provisions relating to the use of self-defense
SB 1223 - Allows certain veterans to be issued hunting and fishing permits free of charge for life
SB 1224 - Modifies provisions relating to the offense of providing obscene material to a student
SB 1225 - Creates the "Sunlight in Learning Act"
SB 1226 - Requires state departments to submit a budget analysis to the House Budget and Senate Appropriations committees
SB 1227 - Modifies provisions relating to illegal aliens
SB 1240 - Establishes the Organized Retail Crime Task Force
SB 1241 - Modifies provisions relating to peace officer training requirements
SB 1242 - Modifies provisions relating to certain COVID-19 medications
SJR 59 - Replaces the property tax on real property with a sales tax

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