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Bills Sponsored by Senator Hegeman

SB 631 - Modifies provisions relating to statutes of limitations
SB 632 - Modifies provisions relating to illegal gambling
SB 633 - Modifies various provisions relating to elections
SB 723 - Establishes the "Medicaid Stabilization Fund"
SB 724 - Modifies provisions relating to county financial statements
SB 725 - Modifies provisions relating to ground ambulance services
SB 799 - Modifies the offense of escaping from custody
SB 800 - Extends the expiration date on the early learning quality assurance report program
SB 801 - Authorizes a tax credit for medical preceptorships
SB 860 - Modifies provisions relating to the low-income housing tax credit
SB 984 - Modifies provisions relating to environmental protection
SB 1032 - Modifies the Opioid Addiction Treatment and Recovery Fund
SB 1046 - Authorizes sports wagering
SB 1074 - Prohibits political subdivisions from using federal funds for the construction of retail broadband internet infrastructure in certain circumstances
SB 1081 - Modifies provisions relating to applicants for grants to expand broadband internet access in unserved and underserved areas
SB 1135 - Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Sunshine Law
SB 1163 - Creates the "Transportation Accountability Fund"
SB 1217 - Modifies procedure for appellate review of class action certification
SB 1218 - Modifies Supreme Court Rule 52.08 relating to class actions
SB 1243 - Modifies provisions relating to civil actions
SCR 29 - Designates the last full week in every January as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Week in Missouri
SJR 30 - Provides for gubernatorial appointment of members of the nonpartisan judicial commissions
HB 1757 - Creates the State Building Usage Task Force
HB 2162 - Modifies provisions relating to Opioid Addiction Treatment
HB 2365 - Modifies the Early Learning Quality Assurance Report Program
HB 2502 - Authorizes sports wagering
HB 3001 - Appropriations funds for the cost of issuing bonds
HB 3002 - Appropriates funds for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
HB 3003 - Appropriates funds for the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development
HB 3004 - Appropriates funds for the Department of Revenue and the Department of Transportation
HB 3005 - Appropriates funds for the Office of Administration and other departments
HB 3006 - Appropriates funds for the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Conservation
HB 3007 - Appropriates funds for the Department of Economic Development, the Department of Commerce & Insurance and the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations
HB 3008 - Appropriates funds for the Department of Public Safety
HB 3009 - Appropriates funds for the Department of Corrections
HB 3010 - Appropriates funds for the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Health and Senior Services
HB 3011 - Appropriates funds for the Department of Social Services
HB 3012 - Appropriates funds for Elected Officials, the Judiciary, Public Defender and the General Assembly
HB 3013 - Appropriates funding for statewide leasing
HB 3014 - Appropriates supplemental state funding
HB 3015 - Supplemental Appropriations
HB 3017 - Reappropriates funds for capitol improvements and other purposes for state departments
HB 3018 - Appropriates funds for state departments maintenance and improvements
HB 3019 - Appropriates funds for planning and improvement of state projects
HB 3020 - Appropriates funds from the American Recovery Plan Act
HB 3021 - Appropriates funds for a one-time income tax credit
HJR 91 - Modifies the initiative petition process
HJR 117 - Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet beneficiaries, providers, and services

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