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Bills Sponsored by Senator Beck

SB 708 - Modifies provisions relating to occupational diseases contracted by certain first responders
SB 709 - Creates new provisions governing the recovery of overpaid unemployment benefits
SB 710 - Modifies provisions relating to health care
SB 789 - Creates new provisions governing covenants not to compete
SB 790 - Establishes a tax credit for grocery stores in a food desert
SB 791 - Modifies provisions relating to the foreign ownership of agricultural land
SB 851 - Requires every individual who is 17 years or older and is arrested for a felony offense to provide a biological sample for DNA profiling
SB 852 - Creates new provisions governing employer hiring practices as it relates to inquiries of salary history of employees and prospective employees
SB 853 - Creates new provisions governing compensation owed to employees upon the end of an employment relationship
SB 893 - Increases the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2026
SB 894 - Modifies provisions relating to the unlawful possession of firearms
SB 895 - Modifies provisions relating the offenses of unlawful transfer of weapons and the unlawful possession of firearms
SB 924 - Modifies provisions governing project labor agreements
SB 925 - Creates new provisions governing reciprocal resident bidding
SB 959 - Specifies additional circumstances under which a patient shall be granted an exception to a step therapy protocol required by a health carrier for coverage of a prescription drug
SB 960 - Establishes the Show MO Act
SB 961 - Establishes tax credits for the production of certain entertainment
SB 979 - Creates provisions relating to animal research at colleges and universities
SB 980 - Modifies provisions relating to the offense of animal abuse
SB 992 - Creates provisions relating to attorney's fees for certain civil actions brought against political subdivisions
SB 1031 - Enacts provisions relating to cost-sharing under health benefit plans
SB 1188 - Modifies provisions relating to employer liability
SCR 22 - Urges the United States Congress to reinstate mandatory country of origin labeling

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