Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/HCS/HB 2627 - This act designates a number of weeks and months.

This act designates the third week of September in every year as "Historically Black College and University Week" in Missouri.

This provision is identical to SB 718 (2022), SB 83 (2021) and HB 1381 (2020).

This act establishes the third full week in September each year as "Sickle Cell Awareness Week".

This provision is identical to SB 1145 (2022), a provision in HB 2559 (2022) and HCS/SS/SCS/SB 46 (2021) and CCS#2/HCS/SS/SB 64 (2021).

This act designates every February as "Black History Month" in Missouri. Finally, the act designates every November as "Native American Heritage Month" in Missouri.


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