SB 1101 - This act modifies the definition of "outdoor advertising" to limit the term to where remuneration, as defined in the act, is paid or earned for the erection, display, or existence of any part of the advertising or information contents. (Section 226.510)

The act repeals certain language referring to directional and other official signs; advertisement of activities or services taking place on the property upon which the advertisement is located; advertisement of tourist-oriented businesses and sports scoreboards or certain other electronic signs with changeable messages; and signs advertising churches or items of religious significance, items of native arts and crafts, native items of artistic, historical, or geological significance, or hospitals or airports. (Section 226.520)

This act repeals the requirement that signs and notices erected by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission related to natural wonders and scenic and historical attractions be limited in content to the name of the attraction and necessary travel information. (Section 226.525.1(2))

The act repeals certain exceptions allowing for erection and maintenance of new directional and other official signs, and advertisement of activities or services taking place on the property upon which the advertisement is located. (Section 226.527.1)

This act repeals a section restricting advertisement by adult cabarets or sexually oriented businesses. (Section 226.531)

The act repeals language specifying what public service information may utilize flashing, intermittent, or moving lights, and language specifying that other changeable message signs will be allowed in accordance with Highways and Transportation Commission regulations. (Section 226.540(1)(a))

Lastly, the act repeals language requiring tax-exempt religious organizations, service organizations, and veterans' organizations to meet certain definitions provided by law in order to be exempt from biennial inspection fees for outdoor advertising permits. (Section 226.550.4)


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