SB 1103 - Under this act and beginning August 28, 2022, no project, as defined in the act, for a proposed or existing abortion facility or affiliate or associate thereof shall be eligible for a public financial benefit, defined as any economic or financial benefit offered or provided by the state or any political subdivision, including any appropriation, tax relief, tax increment financing, bond or loan relief, or special taxation district. Additionally, any lands, buildings, structures, facilities, places, or premises upon which a project that received a public financial benefit has been completed shall be restricted in perpetuity from being used by or for the benefit of an abortion facility or affiliate or associate thereof. The state shall inform any recipient of a public financial benefit for a project of these restrictions.

Any person or entity that receives a public financial benefit for a project and violates this act shall forfeit the benefit, be subject to action by the state or political subdivision to secure repayment of the benefit, with interest and a 10% penalty, and shall no longer be eligible to receive future benefits for eligible projects.

The provisions of this act may be enforced through existing law granting taxpayers standing to bring suit and granting jurisdiction to the Attorney General. If the Auditor has reasonable cause to believe or suspect a violation of this act has occurred, he or she shall notify the Attorney General.

This act is identical to provisions in SCS/HCS/HB 2012 (2022) and HB 1557 (2022).


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