SB 1007 - This act creates provisions relating to reorganized common sewer districts.

This act allows a reorganized common sewer district and a public water supply district to consolidate. The plan of consolidation shall be filed with each district and shall be open for public inspection.

Each district shall conduct separate hearings to consider the plan of consolidation. Notice shall be mailed to owners of property receiving service from the public water supply district at least 10 days prior to the hearing with information as stated in the act.

If both governing bodies order the plan of consolidation be implemented, the districts shall jointly petition the circuit court of the county containing the majority of the consolidated service territory of the public water supply district to amend the decree of incorporation of the reorganized common sewer district to allow it to consolidate the public water supply district into the sewer district.

If the circuit court finds that 20% of the customers of the public water supply district filed verified petitions of objection, then the decree of incorporation shall not become final and conclusive until it is submitted to a vote of the customers of the public water supply district and it is assented to by a majority of such customers voting on the proposition. (Section 204.603)

Under this act, any reorganized common sewer district that is authorized to engage in the construction, maintenance, and operation of water supply and distribution facilities is authorized to acquire, construct, improve or extend, maintain, and operate a combined waterworks and sewerage system.

Any such combined waterworks and sewerage system may consist of facilities as stated in the act.

A reorganized common sewer district desiring to operate and maintain a combined system shall adopt a resolution declaring the intent to operate its facilities, whether currently existing or to be acquired or constructed, as a combined system. (Section 204.605)

This act is identical to HB 2391 (2022) and to provisions in HCS/SCS/SB 908 (2022).


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